Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Secret sewing...

means that I've been rather silent here recently. Where to begin?  Seems like much has happened since my last post because I've had my nose to the grindstone, so to speak, working out some design ideas, plans for a tutorial or two and getting ready for the
 Think Christmas Blog Hop (can't believe it will start on Monday!).   Busy, busy!
Mostly, I've been  wrapped up working on projects that I can't show just yet...unless I mess with the photo a bit... ;o)

Well, at least you know my project has some bright colours in it .
Okay, gotta get back to my sewing...  be back soon . 


  1. It does look interesting, Katherine!

  2. You’ve got my attention! Do I see a gnome?

  3. Cannot bring myself to think Christmas, but I will admire your work :-)

  4. Secret sewing, wrapping, i caught all that... Lol...oh did that lg pck you were waiting for...did it ever find you?

    I just got thinking about presents when that flash came to yes it is colorful!

  5. I think I see a snowman! But now that I see Nicolette's comment, I might see a gnome too, lol!


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