Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Think Christmas Day #4

Have you been looking for some sewing inspiration for Christmas?  You're in luck, because there's a fun blog hop happening this week and it's all about Christmas!  Yesterday was my day to share on the hop and I was sewing right down to the wire... now I can relax and enjoy visiting all the stops for each day.  C'mon, join me!  It's not to earlier to start getting your Christmas sewing figured out. ;o)
August 2Grandmama's Stories
Sandra Kaye Designs
North Hills Quilter
Quilty Doodads
Quilting in South Carolina
The Raspberry Rabbits
Charise Creates
Traveling Quilter
Nancy B at That Other Blog
Selina Quilts

If you're looking for the complete schedule for the hop, visit our own Santa Lesley. :o)


  1. Hi Katherine! I haven't had time to see any Christmas posts around and now when I saw your projects I do wish I could start to make snowmen! Wow, they are so wonderful and the table runner with the snow flake - just adorable! Lovely ideas and great work! x Teje

  2. AHH! I'm just not there yet! Can't think about Christmas when the weather has been so amazing! Will come check things out later...


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