Make a Butterfly Block Tutorial

There's been some interest in the measurements for making the butterfly blocks I showed a couple of days ago, so I've put together a short tutorial on one version of the blocks I've been making. I love that you can choose to make the butterfly scrappy (shown in this tutorial) or in one fabric. 

Butterfly Block
- finished size 12 1/2" (12" when sewn together)

Cut list:

A - Cut 2 squares @ 7 3/8" ( 1 from background fabric; 1 from fabric for upper wing)
B - Cut 6 squares @ 4 3/8" ( 3 from background fabric; 3 from fabric for lower wing)
C - Cut 2 squares @ 3 1/2" ( from fabric for inner section for lower wing)

1.  Pair background fabric with matching size of fabric in A and B, right sides together.
 (You will have 1 pair of A size squares and 3 pairs of B size squares)

2.  Draw a diagonal line across each pair and stitch a scant 1/4" seam on each side of this line.
Cut the sewn squares apart along the drawn line, making half square triangle units (HSTs).

3.  Press seams toward the darker fabric in each HST unit.

4.  Trim the HST units - A units trimmed, will be  6 1/2" x 6 1/2"
 and B units trimmed, will be 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" (You have two HST units for A and six HST units for B).

5.  Lay the HST units with C size squares to form butterfly - as shown in photo above.

6.  Sew pieces together using scant 1/4" seams.
Sew B to C - press seam towards C. Sew B to B. Press seam so that it will be in the opposite direction to B + C (so that seams will nest). Repeat for opposite side of lower half of block. Join each side of lower section of block together. Then stitch the two A HST units together. Press seams in opposite directions.  Finally, sew the two halves of the block together and press the seam towards the top of the block.
Ta-da!  You now have a butterfly block!

I hope you find my tutorial helpful.  Just like any of my tutorials and patterns, I love to see what you make with them!  Happy stitching. ;o)

The same butterfly block can look different - depending on the number of fabrics you use to make it!


  1. Thats Nice of You Katherine!
    Kram Maja

  2. Such a sweet block Katherine!! I am wondering whether I should use this for my next bee block? Would you mind if I did?

  3. Thank you so very much fro sharing!!

  4. I love the simplicity of this block, but it looks more complicated than it is. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Thank you for sharing this pattern. I'm enjoying the simplicity of it.

  6. Thanks, it is a great block!

  7. Wonderful block and great tutorial! I can't wait to see more butterflies.

  8. Thank you Katherine for the tutorial! x Teje

  9. Great tutorial, beautiful looking block.

  10. Cute as can be! You are sew sweet to share!

  11. This is the cutest butterfly block I've ever seen! Thank you for your adorable design and generosity. I definitely have to use it in something for my daughter, who loves butterflies. I came here from Julie Cefalu's blog, The Crafty Quilter.

  12. Such an adorable block, especially combined with the smaller butterflies you made! Definately on my to do list :)
    Thanks for sharing,


  13. How would I figure out the measurements to shrink this by 50%? I love this so much.

  14. This is such a lovely pattern, what a pretty shape to this butterfly. Love that it is large. It's just perfect. I was looking for a block pattern that when you look at it, you smile. Also one where I could make blocks when I had time. This makes me smile. What a stunning quilt this will make. Thank you for sharing your perfect butterfly Katherine it's kind of you.
    Nova Scotia

  15. I just came across this I love it I'm going to make it

  16. These are beautiful but how would I put a black body in each ? I’m new to quilting and don’t know how much to enlarge for a 1” body to fit. Can you give me measurements ? Thank you.

    1. Hi! Late to the party but I would take a 1/4" or 3/8" length of black grosgrain ribbon for the body finishing off the ends so it doesn't unravel. You could sew ends under or use Fray Check

  17. I really love these and want to make a baby quilt with them but I want to put a body in them. I’m new to quilting and don’t understand how to make the pieces fit if I add a 1” body. Can you help me with measurements ? Thank you.

  18. I just found this tutorial. Thank you! I have three friends and we all get together once a month to sew. We take turns making a block to share with each other every month so that at the end of the year we each have 12 blocks to sew together into a quilt. I did this butterfly block for my turn this month. Turned out so cute! Thank you!

  19. Thanks for your unselfish way of sharing your wonderful talent, every quilter appreciates it


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