Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Dance part # 4...

Pretty amazing, isn't it? Yes, in the span of two weeks I have had some wonderful treats in my mailbox. There's been squeals of delight to go along with the 'happy dance' with every parcel I've opened.

Take a look at the goodies I received from Amandajean...

In exchange for one of my needlebooks, Amandajean made me a beautiful pincushion (my pictures do not do it justice) and then because she knows my love for scraps she fattened the package with some scrappy goodness from her own collection. Boy, does she know how to make this fabricaholic happy!
This much needed beauty is stationed for duty next to my sewing machine and the scraps are already laid out for a project.
Thank you so much, Amandajean!
My sons think I'm a bit loopy getting so excited over fabric and they're getting really curious as to why I seem to be getting so many gifts in the mail lately. I've been asked to look on their behalf, for blog giveaways that have mountain bikes as prizes ;o)


  1. I knew, i knew, it would be a Happy Dance #4!!!
    I love that pincushion!

  2. Amandajean stuff is always guaranteed to be good!! I love the pin cushion...looks like it would hold a ton of pins.

  3. that pincushion is great! A big one is just the ticket....never can have too many pins!

  4. It's a great pincushion!
    About the love for fabrics, I completely understand you...
    Good work

  5. I'm so glad that you like it. and you have some funny boys. :) my boys hate going to the post office with me when I get packages and they don't. they whine about it every single time.

  6. Hi Katherine!! I´m Eva. Thanks for your comment in my blog. I´m sorry I speak english a little. I like your blog and I hope talk to you more.
    Seguimos en contacto. Besos Eva


  7. I haven't ever really crafted before, but even I am starting to take notice of scraps of fabric. I may get to be a fabricaholic one of these days too? x


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