Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday Maker - Tiny Terrific Tulip Pouch

A little sewing time this weekend, resulted in a sweet and satisfying finish for the scrappy terrific tulip blocks I shared last week.

Using straight pins to temporarily hold my project layers together so I could hand baste to prepare for machine quilting.

Since I didn't think I'd need my basting pins for our summer stay on the mountain, I didn't include them in the sewing items I set aside and instead, I packed them up in a box for storage. This turned out to be an oversight!  I've had several projects over the past few months that I've needed my basting pins for and this latest bit of patchwork was no exception.

My solution for not having basting pins? Use my extra long straight pins to hold the layers together,  for me to hand baste.  I did not want to try machine quilting with straight pins in my project - that no doubt would have resulted in some uncomfortable pin pricks (and likely blood on my project!).

Pieced and quilted on my Singer Featherweight 221!

This was the first time that I used my Singer Featherweight 221 for quilting!  I have quilted and pieced on my Singer 15-91 and my Singer 201, but both of these machines are currently in storage, so my Featherweight got the job.  I must say,  she did it quite beautifully.

Ta-da!  I took  two terrific tulip blocks pieced from my Tilda fabric scraps and turned them into zipper pouch.

I literally made this design up as I went (other than using my pattern for the terrific tulip blocks - which is half scale to the version I have for sale on Craftsy). 

The interior seams are all bound with the same sweet bias binding that I made for the top edge, which gives the pouch a pretty and clean finish.

The final detail that makes me extra happy, is the fussy cut tag I added to the zipper pull.  I am a "Maker"! 

I am always amazed at just how satisfying I find scrap sewing and how much I LOVE the finished results.  This little make was a tangent - the idea for it popped into my head while I was working on some pattern writing.  Boy, am I glad that I decided to act on the idea!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Thankful Thursday - Decide

Bundles of pretty vintage sheets worked as the background for this beautiful quote - it all came together using PicMonkey!

I am a believer in the power of words - what we say and what we think.  Perhaps that is why I love to continually collect quotes that give me pause in my day-to-day living, and lift my thoughts. I jot these quotes down on any available scrap of paper when they cross my path.

 Months ago, I started adding some gratitude quotes to some of my photos, as gentle reminders to myself.  The simple act of being grateful keeps me focused on all the good, all the blessings and all the abundance of life.

Knowing that a positive attitude can make a world of difference, especially when we face challenges in life (which apparently is what life is about! ... hello, personal growth! ;o), I decided that perhaps it's time to share some of these wonderful quotes here on my blog, with you.    My hope is that you will find that they give you a little boost as well.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Monday Makings

 Treated myself to a little stitching to kick off the week!

I'm using my scraps from my Tilda fabric stash paired with a variation of my Terrific Tulip Block pattern for a new project.  I'm excited to see this come together as the idea just popped into my head as I was working on some pattern writing using this block.  One idea leads to another and it can be so much fun to see where inspiration takes us!

Thursday, August 2, 2018


July just zipped by and August is promising to do the same.  Somehow the stack of sewing works-in-progress, doesn't seem to be keeping pace with how fast the days fly by!  Might have something to do with all the distractions of summer. 😉

Using my terrific tulip block, I'm working on a new design - this time in some lovely Tilda fabrics!

One of the projects in the teetering stack, is a pattern I'm writing using my Terrific Tulip block. I'm playing with a second prototype using some Tilda fabrics that I've been stashing.

Keeping it real... designing and sewing with pretty fabrics is my favourite part of the process! I have to work harder at the pattern writing aspect - it's where my perfectionistic tendencies can slow me down. It also seems that I always come up with more ideas and more variations of ideas to try and better methods to use, once I'm in the midst of things.  That also slows me down.  Anyways, I'm determined to keep plugging away at the techie end of things and get some patterns together for pattern testing.  I want this to be a month of finishes! Fingers crossed.

How about your plans for this month?

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