Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scraps AND a Winner!

I've been indulging in some scrappy sewing. 

Which inevitably led to this....

Such a surprise, right? ;o)
This may be my favourite (brightest) Roll'n Fold Shopping Bag of all!

Okay, enough about me and my apparent addiction to sewing the loudest shopping bags EVER.... ;o)

There is a giveaway winner to announce...

The winner of my giveaway for a PDF copy of my pattern of the

#29 is...  KaHolly

Congratulations, Karen!  I hope you will not only enjoy the pattern, but you will love using the bag(s) you sew from it (maybe you will even show me the finished results so I can Pin them :o).  

Many thanks to all for commenting and entering my little giveaway.  You were so kind and supportive of my newest design.  Fingers crossed that I can pick up the pace with my pattern writing - if only so I can have another fun giveaway, real soon!

Friday, January 17, 2014

My favourite shopping bag!

I'm so glad it's Friday! 
 I'm also very pleased that the newest pattern I have for sale,  is  my Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag   
 (available as a PDF download).  It's my favourite shopping bag and a happy finish for my week!

Although the Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag may be new to you...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 8 - Wake Up to Kona! My second chance...

Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag (patchwork blue and pink) folded | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Guess what I made with Kona...

Hello and welcome!
 If you hopped by here earlier this week to see what I had made for the
 Wake Up to Kona Blog hop,
 you know that I'd been thwarted from sharing due to a misbehaving Blogger.  Things still aren't working properly, but after trying countless things (from trying html, to Picasa, to Flickr... to get my photos uploaded), I found a circuitous route that is making it possible to  share my pictures here on my blog (finally!).

Thanks to each of you for not giving up on me and for cheering me on with your encouraging suggestions and for your sympathies as I struggled with techie troubles. You are the best!

Many, many thanks to Carol and for Madame Samm for allowing me a second chance to participate. 

If you've visited my blog before, you're probably aware I love to sew with scraps.  I'm also pretty crazy about colour and bags.  Yes, you guessed right, I combined all three!

Let me introduce you to the

Blue and Pink Patchwork Fold'n Roll Shopping Bags | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Initially, I thought I would sew a quilt or a pillow for the hop, so I gathered some fat quarter and half yard cuts, but the more I looked at those yummy Kona colours, I knew I had to made a bag. Once I finished sewing the pink patchwork version, I found myself buying more Kona because I loved the results so much.  I HAD to make another.  Does that ever happen to you?
(Thank you Jennifer at Dragonfly Fabrics for sending those yummy Konas!)

I'm so happy with how these turned out and have to thank Mother Nature for warming up enough so I could take some outdoor photos (even if it was snowing like crazy at the time!).  The colours are just swoon worthy and I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of these (after all there are so many more wonderful Kona colours I've yet to try... ;o).  

Pink Patchwork Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag filled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A bag full of pretty yarn!

I love that patchwork pocket pieced from scraps best, but it's even more fun with a ruffle, don't you agree?  Not only are they pretty, these bags are practical.  I'm all about a bag that is useful and this design is my all time favourite.  I have been refining this design for several years and can tell you that it has been "road tested", tweaked and given two thumbs up.
Blue Patchwork Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag filled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
A second bag full of pretty yarn! (I'm not telling how many skeins are in there. ;o) It seems I have a growing yarn stash.

Roll'n Fold Shopping Bags - Blue unfolded and Pink closed | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
See how neatly my Fold'n Roll Shopping Bag gets tucked away behind that pocket? Keeps it ready for anything you need to carry and looks good while it waits. ;o)
Maybe you don't like ruffles?
Try adding faux piping for a different look, like I did on this eye popping version in Kona Chartreuse (faux piping and binding are Kona Espresso).
Green Patchwork Fold'n Roll - flat | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Again, I couldn't resist some scrappy patchwork for the pocket .

Folded up and ready for use!

Green Patchwork Fold'n Roll | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I can hardly wait for my next shopping trip and my first chance to use these new bags.
I won't be able to keep from smiling with so much colour to enjoy.
Yay for Kona!
Trio of Roll'n Fold Shopping Bags in Kona | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
I used Kona Bubble Gum, Bahama Blue and Chartreuse are the main fabrics  and assorted Kona scraps for the pockets.

Want to sew your own?

I'm excited to tell you that the pattern to sew your own version of the
 is available as a PDF download. 

I'm also going to give away a PDF copy of my pattern, to one lucky commenter on this post (so make sure I can reach you by email). The giveaway will close at midnight of Jan. 21st and I will announce the winner the next day.  Good luck!

Thank you so much for stopping by so I could share my Kona project with you.  I feel like dancing in happiness that I got to participate in the Kona fun!
Thank you to all my fellow blog hoppers, as well as Carol and Madame Samm for being so understanding (I apologize for giving you an extra schedule change).  It's an honour to be included with you!  Now I'm going to catch up on all the great projects you're sharing...
 Come  and join me ...

January 16

Sew Me Something Good (that's me!)

P. S. Don't forget that during the hop (which ends Jan. 21st), you also have a chance at some amazing giveaways at
Believe me, you won't want to miss these
(goodies from Amanda Murphy, Aurifil Threads and Robert Kaufman).  Oh, my! 

P.P.S.  Missed a day on the hop? Don't worry, you can find the full and up to date schedule  with

Hopeful - FAL 2014 Q1

Blogger is still not playing nice.  It is not allowing me to upload any new photos, so if I want to post with pictures, I've been relegated to copying and pasting from among those I've previously shared.  So, I'm sorry if you stopped by to see what I made for the
 - I'm still hoping I'll get to share what I made, but it won't be in this post. Edited: I've worked out a temporary solution to my problem and Carol has graciously added me to tomorrow's schedule.
(I'm still trying to get my pictures uploaded, I'm determined to find a way).

 Don't miss checking out what all the other participants have been making.
 (Carol is our lovely hostess/cheerleader for this hop and she has the full schedule HERE).

 However, I realized this restriction on which photos I have access to, will work for joining in the Finish-a-long 2014 - especially as I didn't have a single finish from the last quarter of 2013 (which means I've lots to add to my new list... or is that old list? ;o).

Don't worry, the list isn't a complete rehash of the last quarter's list. I've not only made decisions on finishing, I've decided there's more than one project I'm "letting go" (aka...getting rid of ;o).  I got honest with myself and admitted that there's a reason why some projects languish - I've no interest in them anymore or I didn't like them to begin with (so why bother putting energy and time into something I don't like? ;o).  Anyways, here are my projects to finish in the first quarter of 2014...

1. Mini Granny Square Quilt - just recently finished sewing all my blocks for this king-size version, next step is making it into a flimsy! 2014 is the year to finish this quilt (I'm not letting it drag on for another full year - hold me to that, okay?  ;o).

2. Possibilities in Blue and Green - I didn't even touch this project last quarter, although I've decided what I'll be adding to it to get it finished.  Can't wait to return to this!

3. Nordic Blocks - Finally, something that hasn't been on several lists during the past year! This one is my own design and I did work on it last quarter, but have more work to finish before I can call this project complete.

4. Modern Maples - the top is ready and I have everything needed to finish, time to get it done!

5. Swoon Quilt - another top that's ready for basting (despite me not finding a picture of the flimsy)...

There you have it! Those five projects are all ones I look forward to completing.  I've even discovered an up-side to not being able to post new pictures on my blog... it makes it look like I'm very focused - that I don't have a tendency to start new projects faster than I finish.
 Bahahaha... we all know better than that, right? ;o)

Finish Along 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 6 - Wake Up to Kona Blog Hop


Huge thank you to  Carol and Madame Samm, for all their work behind the scenes that make these hops possible.  Brilliantly done, ladies!

I hope you're enjoying this inspiring and Kona colourful blog hop.
 Isn't it amazing what you can make using Kona? 

I have been looking forward to showing what I made...
but I can't.

Blue Beginnings Quilt - made with Kona fabrics - click here for details.
 Sadly, due to unforeseen technical issues (Blogger is acting up and not allowing me to upload any of my photos), I can't show you the project I made to share today. I will continue to try and hopefully, I will be able to post what I made. Until then, I decided I would share a picture of the one and only quilt in solids I have made  (shown above... for some reason Blogger is allowing me to copy and paste, but not upload new photos... sigh...) .

 My sincerest apologies to you for being a disappointing way to start Day 6 of the hop.   

*Edited*  Still unable to load the photos, our kind cheerleader, Carol has offered me the chance to be added to a different day on the hop (assuming that at some point before the hop ends on the 21st, that I will be able to post with photos... fingers are now tightly crossed that Blogger will soon grant me that wish...).
Thanks to each of you for your wonderful support and sympathy over my disappointing day.  I do believe a giveaway will be in order... once I'm back to normal function on this blog! Stay tuned. ;o)

Please join me in visiting all the other participants I share today with...

January 14
The Cosmic Quilter

Don't forget to stop by Sew We Quilt...

Madame Samm has done it again with the
most amazing giveaways

 and features the top picks of the day!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Did you know?

This week begins the Wake Up to Kona blog hop happening January 7th - 21st. 
 The complete schedule can be found (here) at Carol's
 (our lovely cheerleader for the hop)
 and is another fun blog hop from Madame Samm 
(she loves to keep us hopping ;o).  
  Mmmm... don't we all love the colours of Robert Kaufman's Kona solids?
I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been creating using Kona solids and didn't want you to miss out on the fun.  Get set to "Wake Up to Kona" starting tomorrow!

P.S.  Is it just me, or do these colours have you wanting to spend the whole day sewing? ;o)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The final five

Way back at the beginning of last year, I set the goal of sewing myself a king-size quilt using mini granny square blocks (partly, so I could use up my tiny treasured scraps by cutting them into 1.5" squares). This project has been listed every quarter of FAL 2013 with Leanne.    Sadly this goal for my year that hasn't been met.
 Ever since Jolene first shared this block, I've been smitten with it.
Over the course of the year, I would sew a handful of blocks in between other projects, which worked well as far as keeping the bin of 1.5" squares constantly supplied with variety for block making, but meant this quilt would not be a quick finish.
Just to give you an idea... I finished sewing about half of my needed blocks for this quilt by December.  Ahem.  Time to get serious if I truly meant to get this idea sewn together before another year passes! During the holidays, my portable design wall has set up next to my machine, with pieces ready to be made into granny blocks whenever I found a moment to sew. I have to say that idea worked.

A piece of posterboard covered in white flannel is held vertical by using my table topper wire stand.  An easy and convenient way for me to keep track of things as I piece blocks.
Here are the final five blocks in this seemingly endless production of mini grannies.

Endlessly charming in bright colours, I'm almost (but not quite) sad to be finished sewing them for this quilt. ;o)

There's more work ahead of course as they need to be laid out, more background fabric will be added (I need to buy more... AGAIN... goodness, I forgot just how much fabric a king size quilt requires) and of course then the fun of basting awaits.  However, the really amazing thing is that despite sewing more than 150 of these little beauties, I'm as in love with them as ever.   I'm sure that means I'll make more grannies at some point - although I don't think it will be for another king size quilt! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Reds and Whites

Nothing says "cheerful" like the colour red in the midst of winter.  I love the energy and warmth it adds, so when I re-discovered the leftover bits from making a Bento Box quilt a couple of winters ago, I happily set about making a few more scrappy placemats for our everyday use.
A bit of scrappy patchwork seems so homey and it's satisfying to be able to add colour 
as well as add a bit of texture to our everyday lives in this way.

There's some re-purposed fabrics in the mix, scraps from previous projects, along with several thrift shop fabric finds.  I love a good mix of print and value in a controlled colour scheme - simple, but eye-catching.
 Each mat is unique - right down to the binding.  I used a bit of this red and a bit of that red with whatever whites/off whites I could pull from my stash... and love the result! Bonus is that any spills are hard to spot.  Gotta love that!

I love a scrappy binding!
The new placemats look right at home on the table, especially since the chairs are covered in the same scrappy patchwork design.

We're still "sitting on quilts" ;o)
 A good start to the New Year... my first finish (even if I did start this a month ago).
Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start, too. :o)
I'm linking up with Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts for

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year!

I hope you have been enjoying this special time of year. I certainly have and maybe, like me, you've also taken a bit of a break. :o)  Time to reflect, time to dream and time to just "be" is so important, and yet, sometimes so hard to fit into our busy lives.  I wanted to make sure I took some time during the holiday season to just slow down and be in the moment, to be mindful.  Now, I'm easing into the New Year, full of plans, ideas and energy.  It's exciting! :o)

How fun to look back at the quilts I finished this past year!
1. Designers Choice2. Orange Twirl,  3. Summer Sparkler,
4. Pop Star,  5. Cherry Blossoms,  6. ManDarin,
  7. QBAM, 8. Garden Plot, 9. Cacophony

2013 was a good year, in so many ways.  I feel so thankful for this past year and for all of the experiences (fun things like entering the Emerald Challenge and placing 3rd with my "Garden Plot" entry... or joining in 3 quilt alongs and the Zakka along) and possibilities (such sharing a free design in a sponsored blog hop and being encouraged by your interest in my pattern) it brought my way.  It was an amazing year!

Lots of fun sewing in 2013... here's a small sample...
1. Modern Maples Blocks, 2. Mini Granny Square Blocks, 3. Embroidery Pouch, 4. Scrappy Mini Notecards, 5. Prettified Pincushion, 6. Scrappy Gift Tags

   I believe 2013 flew by because I was having so much fun participating and making new friends! I want to thank you for being a part of the good that happened this past year.  It means so much to have a global circle of friends to share and learn with.  I appreciate each and every time you kindly stop here to visit and for sharing and be so inspiring  on your own blogs.  What a wonderfully creative and generous community to be a part of!
Wishing you each and all, a year filled with goodness!
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