Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scraps AND a Winner!

I've been indulging in some scrappy sewing. 

Which inevitably led to this....

Such a surprise, right? ;o)
This may be my favourite (brightest) Roll'n Fold Shopping Bag of all!

Okay, enough about me and my apparent addiction to sewing the loudest shopping bags EVER.... ;o)

There is a giveaway winner to announce...

The winner of my giveaway for a PDF copy of my pattern of the

#29 is...  KaHolly

Congratulations, Karen!  I hope you will not only enjoy the pattern, but you will love using the bag(s) you sew from it (maybe you will even show me the finished results so I can Pin them :o).  

Many thanks to all for commenting and entering my little giveaway.  You were so kind and supportive of my newest design.  Fingers crossed that I can pick up the pace with my pattern writing - if only so I can have another fun giveaway, real soon!


  1. Congratulations to Karen. Your scrappy bag in pinks and oranges is glorious! Creative Stitching Bliss...

  2. Congrats to Karen! Love your new 'scrappy' bag!!

  3. Lovely scraps. Congrats to Karen! Keep on with the pattern making - you do a great job.

  4. I love the orange and the checked binding! And congrats to the winner of your pattern!

  5. Thank you so very much!! I so admired your bag and am excited to be the winner so I can make some for all my friends!!

  6. I quite like the nice bright ruffled bag with scrappy bits - yay for scraps!! Well done to your winner!!

  7. I love the scrappy version of the bag!


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