Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quick, like a bunny!

Sometimes a quick, simple sewing project, like this one is just what I need.  I've been feeling out of sorts lately - not physically ill or anything like that - just sort of restless (okay, a little stressed) and that has affected my creative output.  Have you ever felt like you just can't settle down and focus on your projects at hand?  For me, it's as if I have too many ideas of things to design/make and can't decide on which one to focus on.  Silly, I know.
Rather than continue to mentally berate myself for my temporary unproductiveness, I grabbed the idea for these cute bunnies from this book, and got busy.
 A small piece of fleece, some simple embroidery and a few minutes of sewing are all that these bunnies take to make.  These are really quick to stitch up!  Ah, instant gratification.  Perhaps now I can tackle my more involved projects with some renewed creative energy.  If only I were "quick, like a bunny" with all my sewing projects!


  1. I know precisely the feeling you describe. It isn't helpful but it's so hard to get out of that cycle!

    Your bunnies are delightful.

  2. Sweet bynnies!!

    It’s not silly hjow you feel Katherine, I’m exactly where you are. Lots of ideas, but nothing comes out of my hands. We had amazing weather, so I enjoyed the garden while reading some books. Hope you find your creative mojo soon and when you do, plese send me some!

  3. I'm thinking if you make the back like an envelope pillow you could fill them with treats! They are terribly sweet! I didnt make anything for the kids Easter this might be an idea for next year!

  4. Absolutely adorable. I am at exactly where you are. I really need to baste some quilts so I can finish them up. 3 pieced tops waiting in the queue.

  5. Oh how cute are these! I feel like that a lot of the time.

  6. Awfully sweet faces you've given them. Nice to have the satisfaction of a quick project.

  7. What a sweet quick project, these could be great for filling with smellies for the drawers too.


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