Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trying... make the most of my day at home (more sewing, less laundry, please.. lol) organize my endless list of WIPS
... to stay optimistic that the week of snow we've had CAN'T be here to stay ;o) get ready for next week's blog hop - being a hostess brings certain responsibilities
... a fun free motion quilting design for a project  I'm writing a tutorial for ways to photo edit
What are you trying today?
Delighted with the design and the variegated thread I used to free motion quilt a new project with.  More to be revealed... soon!

*Reminder that today is the last day of the Wicked Blog Hop...
 still time to visit and leave comments (with chances to enter giveaway...)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today, I'm Wicked... ;o)

Welcome! I hope you've been having a wicked good time visiting all the stops on the hop.  I love seeing what everyone has been sewing!
  Thanks so much to our fabulous hostess, Wendy  and to Madame Samm for all their hard work in making this fun hop possible.
I'm going to start with the last minute block I stitched for this hop... I saw this cute barn bat block on Elizabeth's blog and was inspired.  She gives a wonderful tutorial ... however my quick sketch and brief directions on a scrap of paper, led me astray from her careful instructions and so my block  looks quite unlike hers.  Whoops.    For what it's worth, here's my slightly "batty" version. ;o)
My next block is one I'm sure you'll recognize... 
 as the Spiderweb Block! I thought it would be wickedly fun to use the spiderweb printed fabric that I bought years ago for the background surrounding the pieced webs.  Every year, about this time, I would pull that fabric out and think, "I should make something with this..." but it would always be put back into the stash, uncut.  This year, inspiration struck and I feel like I found the perfect use for the spider fabric!
 Four blocks would make a  wicked quilted table mat for our kitchen....
Thanks so much for visiting!  Hopefully, you'll  be able to get your eyes uncrossed after looking at those spider blocks ;o)... to be able to visit these lovely ladies and their Wicked creations...
Tuesday, October 23rd


Sew Mollie Sue, Quilt Much?

Enjoy the wicked fun! ;o)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

UR Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop Schedule

Getting excited as we're getting close to the start date of the UR Priceless Coin Purse Blog Hop!  Here's the schedule with a few reminders for all participants... and this is a chance for all those who will be visiting the hop participants to look forward to the fun ahead.  It all starts on Nov. 5th! 
Day 1 -  Nov. 5th


Quiltin' Jenny
Hill Valley Quilter
Loopy Lou's Adventures Into Handicrafts
Just Let Me Quilt
Lixie Makes It
Sunshine, Handmade
Buzzing and Bumbling
Needled Mom
The Slow Quilter
A Quilting Sheep
I Have A Notion

Day 2 - Nov.6th

The Crafter's Apprentice
Jane's Fabric and Quilts
Rosemary B
Random or "di"
Mary T.
Supermom No Cape
Lily Pad Quilting
Stitch, Stitch, Stitch
Rose Creations
The Treehouse
Gracie Oliver Arts
Quilting Prolifically
Grammie Q's

Day 3 - Nov. 7th

I Love Wool
I Like to Quiltblog
Keep Your Fork There's Pie
Retired to Quilt
From This to That
Jenny E.
Domestic Deficit Disorder
Pig tales and quilts
Count it all Joy!
Creative Notions

Day 4 - Nov. 8th

as sweet as peaches
Deborah B
Birgit H
Fish Creek Studio
A Quilter's Table
Lily Patch Quilts
Cherry Blossoms Quilting Studio
Mary F
Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm
The Desert Rat Chronicles
Sally K
Paris at a Certain Age
From Blank Pages
Quilt Taffy
Barb H

Day 5 - Nov. 9th

Polka Dot Classic
Geta's Quilting Studio
Busy Bee Free
Briarside Lane
Quilts and Dogs
Debbie R
suebee's World
Les passions de Cliodana
Colorpoint Quilter
On the Go Quilting
Personalized Sketchesand Sentiments
Freemotion by the River

Day 6 - Nov. 12

Read, quilt, cook, pray...
The Learning Curve
Bacon Then Eggs
Nati's Little Things
by Mary
Feltfree på Åsly
El Patchwork de la Abuela
Amy's Crafty Shenanigans
Maryjo J
s.o.t.a.k. Handmade
Janice M
throw a wench in the works
Everyone Deserves a Quilt
A Stitch in Time
Sew Me Something Good

Day 7 - Nov. 13

Julia P
Dachsies With Moxie
Marci Girl Designs
The Sunflower Patch
Wish upon a star
Mary on Lake Pulaski
Greco Mara
Linda M
Mack and Mabel
Dreaming in Patchwork
Judith Handmade Treasures
Caesarea Scrappers
Patchouli Moon Studio

Sew We Quilt

Just a few reminders leading up to the hop...
*Please include the button for the UR Priceless blog hop on your blog's sidebar.
*Please remind your followers about the hop as we get closer to the start date of Nov. 5th
*Each participant on the hop is expected to have sewn at least ONE coin purse following the pattern we provided.   Know that you're welcome to sew as many coin purses as you like!

On your assigned day, please:
1. Post your coin purse post by 12am CST on your assigned day.

2. Turn off your word verification.
3. Include the names and links of those who are in the hop on the same day as you in your post. 
4. Post clear, crisp pictures of your coin purses.
5. Have a giveaway on your blog - if you want to.  It's optional.
6.  Cheer each other on by commenting.  We all love comments. :o)

Monday, October 8, 2012

My day on hop...Leafs me happy Day #7

Welcome to my stop on the hop!
I want to send HUGE thanks to our lovely cheerleader, Cherry, the wonderful hostess of this hop and to our favourite head cheerleader, Madame Samm.  Thanks to each of you for leading us, inspiring us and cheering us on! 
What have I sewn to share?...The first block I'm sharing is one of several newly sewn is being added to ones I sewed  earlier this year... ( for a quilt started from leftovers).  I've been waiting months to gather just the right fabrics to help me finish this quilt.   Thinking about what blocks I could make for the blog hop, I soon realized that I had a perfect fall coloured project already, I had just acquired a few more orange fabrics... meaning this would be the perfect time to add a few more blocks towards finishing.
  I'm sure you'll agree, the design of this block is quite simple, but wait until you see what happens when you make several of them and start playing with a layout.
Orange Twirl ...12.5" block

See how this block design is dependent upon selecting different values (for contrast)?   I'm now up to 20 blocks on my design wall (some aren't completed in this photo... plus there's definitely a couple I will be changing.  Nothing like a design wall to let you see whether a single block or layout is good or not! lol)

"Leaf me" Twirling Quilt (possible layout...)

The next couple of blocks have me excited to share because I tried a technique I've been wanting to do for ages. 
  At this stage, the applique pieces are merely spray basted in place onto a 12.5" background piece of brown corduroy to get things started (stitching them down comes later as you will soon see why...). Corduroy?  Yes!  It's a fine wale cord, so it's super soft and sews similar to quilting cotton.  I wanted it for the texture it adds and for how yummy it looks with orange. :o)
12.5" Falling for Plumpkin block
I know the blocks look pretty ordinary at this stage... but if you look close at the pumpkins you may notice something odd about them (no, I'm not referring to their less than symmetrical shape... ;o).   Look closer... do you see stitch lines and slash lines (probably easiest to see on the applique in polka dots, above)?

There is a good reason why I sewed all those diagonal lines and cut between them. 
I made chenille! 
I used 4 different values in orange fabric to make each applique so that once the cut edges were washed and frayed, you would see contrast.
Now the pumpkin appliques have lots of texture and variations in colour.   I simply combined scrappy patchwork to frame the appliques, so the finished pillows are a mixture of bright fall colours and cozy texture. I'm so pleased with the results!   Is it any surprise that I've named these "Plumpkin Pillows"? lol 
"Plumpkin" Pillows ;o)
Scrappy patchwork in fall colours + soft corduroy + chenille = cozy fall decor!
Thanks so much for stopping by to visit.  I hope you've enjoyed your time here. Know  that you're welcome back anytime!  Now you best be on your way to visit these lovely ladies, you don't want to miss any of the wonderful creations they're sharing...  Happy hopping! 
Tuesday 9
Sew Me Something Good (you're here!)
My collection of Things

Need the full hop schedule?
Cherry has it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leafs me happy Day #6

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today, so I'm sending out warm wishes for health, happiness and a lovely day spent with loved ones.   

The fun continues today with the autumn themed blog hop..
Monday 8
Looking for the full hop schedule?
Cherry has it!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leafs me happy Day #5

Friday 5


Still here and still sewing...

Thought I'd best pop in here to let you know that I'm still around. ;o)  I'm working on a few sewing projects that I want to share, but as you've probably guessed, I'm on the Fall Leaves Me Happy Blog hop... so I can't reveal too much just yet.  Okay, well, just a sneak peek....
I've also got a tutorial that I'm working on, projects for upcoming blog hops, all of which I can't share yet, either. lol  I tell you, it's hard to be working on so many different things, none of which I can share at the moment.   So, I hope you believe me when I tell you I have been doing a bunch of sewing, although I have nothing to show for it. ;o)
Skipping topics ... just discovered that there's trouble with the PDF pattern I have for my mini backpack coin purse tutorial Apparently, the pattern has disappeared.  I was notified that Google Docs had recently made some changes... little did I know that it would mean that my PDF would disappear.  So, if you're looking for the pattern, my apologies.  I will get that link fixed!
Okay, I'm going to head back to my sewing machines, now.  I'm determined to have something finished that I can share here soon!
Happy stitching....
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