Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still here and still sewing...

Thought I'd best pop in here to let you know that I'm still around. ;o)  I'm working on a few sewing projects that I want to share, but as you've probably guessed, I'm on the Fall Leaves Me Happy Blog hop... so I can't reveal too much just yet.  Okay, well, just a sneak peek....
I've also got a tutorial that I'm working on, projects for upcoming blog hops, all of which I can't share yet, either. lol  I tell you, it's hard to be working on so many different things, none of which I can share at the moment.   So, I hope you believe me when I tell you I have been doing a bunch of sewing, although I have nothing to show for it. ;o)
Skipping topics ... just discovered that there's trouble with the PDF pattern I have for my mini backpack coin purse tutorial Apparently, the pattern has disappeared.  I was notified that Google Docs had recently made some changes... little did I know that it would mean that my PDF would disappear.  So, if you're looking for the pattern, my apologies.  I will get that link fixed!
Okay, I'm going to head back to my sewing machines, now.  I'm determined to have something finished that I can share here soon!
Happy stitching....


  1. I is tough not to show progress of what I'm working on, but I wouldn't trade the fun I'm having with those hops. Can't wait to see your leafy project!

  2. look forward to seeing your 'leaf' project. thanks for stopping by my blog during the hop.


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