Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trying... make the most of my day at home (more sewing, less laundry, please.. lol) organize my endless list of WIPS
... to stay optimistic that the week of snow we've had CAN'T be here to stay ;o) get ready for next week's blog hop - being a hostess brings certain responsibilities
... a fun free motion quilting design for a project  I'm writing a tutorial for ways to photo edit
What are you trying today?
Delighted with the design and the variegated thread I used to free motion quilt a new project with.  More to be revealed... soon!

*Reminder that today is the last day of the Wicked Blog Hop...
 still time to visit and leave comments (with chances to enter giveaway...)


  1. I'm ignoring the laundry. The door is shut, I can't see it so it isn't happening!
    I've got a couple of softies that I have to finish for the "Softies for Mirabel" that I want to send to them for their Christmas gifting. As well as that I have to get the binding on the quilt I just picked up from the quilters. Pam and Emma at Ballarat Patchwork have invited me to bring it along to the beginners class on Tuesday. I did the class earlier in the year and only just got around to getting it quilted. So, when I picked it up I went straight around for a show and tell as I was so pleased with how it looks. They liked it so much, they want me to share with the other ladies in this class. I'm really chuffed!
    I need to sort out my study, tidy up the sewing room and do some serious housework, but I have so much more I want to do that seems - to me - much more important. So, here I am, procrastinating by visiting my favourite blogs!
    Love your work. XX

  2. No snow here yet - I hope yours melts - that's just too early! It rained on our trick or treaters tonight, but it was actually rather warm - they were able to wear their costumes over fall coats or sweats - nice! I don't think there was a kid that didn't say thank you --- such sweeties! And the 14 month old twins from across the street - a flower and a chick - imagine the CUTE! :)

    What did I try today ... hmmmm ... well, I tried doing a zipper bag, and was successful, LOLOL. I used a Loralie block and patchworked it to make a bigger block, then made the bag. My fingers even behaved long enough to make a beaded zipper pull - and a birthday gift is completed - 9 days early, YAY!

  3. I ignore the laundry to the point where I have to do more sewing (to make something to wear the next day).

    Good luck with your list and your hostessing. Busy here, too, but always noce to pop in ands see what you're up to!xx

  4. I'm trying not to punch any of my colleagues. Or the boss. It's a hard job, must keep trying.

    Tonight I'm going to be trying, again, to sew the frames on. It's too hard!

  5. Snow already? Ugh...thankfully we don't have any of the white stuff, yet.
    The last of my perenniels just bloomed a week or 2 ago!

    I'm working on a new clutch bag design today...that and baking. :)


  6. Oh I love that free motion quilting in the photo.

    As for what I'm trying today...
    ... I completed two little needle books for sewing kits.
    ... I've sent out follow up e-mails to make sure all the people who volunteered to test my doll pattern received the pdf I sent them. I'm still touched by the response I had to my request for testers.
    ... I've got two tutorials that I'm going to work on this evening.

    Oh btw... I was glad to see a post when I stopped by today.


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