Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden Green Sampler Tote

I purchased a drapery sample book at a charity sale for a measly 10cents, knowing I would find a project for all those coordinating cottons. I cut the samples into strips,
stitched and quilted them together to make the tote bag .Yes, this is the tote I posted about previously. I removed the super stiff fusible interfacing and decided to use quilt batting for the pieced upper part of the tote. I only used the super stiff interfacing as an insert in the very bottom of the tote, to give it some shape.
A D-ring is attached to the tote inside for me to clip my keys to.

A heart shaped zipper stop was a fun detail for the top of the tote.

Corduroy acquired from a thrift store visit, makes up the bottom, the handles and the zipper boxing along the top.

Three zippers, also thrifted finds, were used. The blurry shot below shows the zippered pocket in the lining (also made from thrifted fabric).

It is so gratifying (and economical) to re purpose materials like these. I still have some fabric remaining from that sample book, so I think a small matching pouch is needed to go with my new tote. ;o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Coin Purse

My first felted crochet project is also the first project I've made from yarn that I dyed myself...

using Kool-Aid!

This is my yarn after being dyed with different packages of Kool-Aid. The newly dyed yarn is basically a warm rose colour, with some pale bits and some patches of grey/green in it.
For a first time dye project, the Kool-Aid was easy to work with (bonus was the yummy scent from the different flavours). Next time I won't combine so many colours so close together on the yarn as I believe that's why my colours aren't more vivid.
It surprised me that the felting process didn't alter the colours of my project. I was a little concerned that it would - which is why I started with such a small item. I can see how dyeing yarn could become addictive and I would love to experiment some more.
Have you tried dyeing yarn?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soup Mug Snug

I'm back to work and in cold weather, I like bringing homemade soup for my lunch. My problem is that by lunchtime the soup in my thermos isn't hot. I crafted a solution.

I used a ribbed cuff from a felted wool sweater to make a "snug" for my soup thermos.
It works great! My soup stays hot and this is the easiest crafting project ever. I may "make" more snugs for my soup mug... just to keep it looking stylish. ;o)

Friday, October 16, 2009

I promised

to share some finished projects with you, once I regained my health. First, I wanted to say "thank-you!" for all your lovely get-well messages. I appreciated every kind word. I can honestly say, I have not been so sick in many, many years. Last night, I finally got a full night's sleep - I wasn't up having endless coughing fits as has been the way of it for me for over a week. What bliss to get a restful night! It's something I think I've taken for granted up until now. ;o)

Here's a project finish that has been lingering for far, far too long. I knit these slippers for myself months ago but didn't felt them until now.
I had fun adding some heart shaped sequins after felting (I needle felted the hearts on before stitching on the sequins).

My 'Love Me' slippers are toasty warm, comfy and my new favourites.
They could possibly have been the best part of my not-feeling-so-well outfit. ;o)

* The designer of these great slippers is Bev Galeskas. The pattern isn't in her book, but you should find it at your local yarn shop.*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Under the weather...

and spending most of my days in bed trying to get better.

I've been knocked flat with a nasty bug, but as soon as I'm back on my feet again I have some projects to finish off and share.
Miss you all.
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