Monday, October 19, 2009

Coin Purse

My first felted crochet project is also the first project I've made from yarn that I dyed myself...

using Kool-Aid!

This is my yarn after being dyed with different packages of Kool-Aid. The newly dyed yarn is basically a warm rose colour, with some pale bits and some patches of grey/green in it.
For a first time dye project, the Kool-Aid was easy to work with (bonus was the yummy scent from the different flavours). Next time I won't combine so many colours so close together on the yarn as I believe that's why my colours aren't more vivid.
It surprised me that the felting process didn't alter the colours of my project. I was a little concerned that it would - which is why I started with such a small item. I can see how dyeing yarn could become addictive and I would love to experiment some more.
Have you tried dyeing yarn?


  1. The colours are soft and feminine. You can be proud of the whole job from start to finish.

  2. Your project came out so beautifully!! The beads really add to it! I have done some dyeing at workshops but never at home. There is a great instructional blog from Finland that I read. She grows or harvest natural products to dye her wool. I several of her skeins and one of her mitten kits. The dyes are amazing. Here is her link:

  3. I was surprised by how strong the colours were, and how strong their staying power was, when we did Kool-aid yarn too. The first thought that came to my mind was imagine what this would do to your insides if you drank it regularly. Eeep!! ;-)


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