Saturday, October 17, 2009

Soup Mug Snug

I'm back to work and in cold weather, I like bringing homemade soup for my lunch. My problem is that by lunchtime the soup in my thermos isn't hot. I crafted a solution.

I used a ribbed cuff from a felted wool sweater to make a "snug" for my soup thermos.
It works great! My soup stays hot and this is the easiest crafting project ever. I may "make" more snugs for my soup mug... just to keep it looking stylish. ;o)


  1. What a good idea - I have a sister who designs knitting projects, I should have her create some interesting patterns, they'd surely be quick to whip up and could make a great stocking stuffer.

  2. Simple and practical - my favourite type of craft project!


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