Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First things first

I'm settling in to my new sewing space which is right next to the kitchen (the location was suggested by the males of the household - they figured this means that I will be more likely to keep on feeding them instead of getting completely caught up in sewing and forgetting about meals. I'm not making any promises. ;o)

The great part about my set-up is that I don't have to share the space and I can have my sewing supplies in one room (finally!). I'm still organizing myself and sorting out the projects I want to complete first.
The room next to my sewing space shows only a few of the boxes left for me to deal with, but as you can see, I cleared space to get a quilt top basted. Priorities, right? LOL

Our house feels like home - now that there's sewing supplies out and a quilt top on the floor. :o)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching up

It's unbelievable how fast the days seem to pass. Today marks 3 weeks since we moved. Three busy weeks. I look around to see I still have plenty of unpacking to do. I find that my long hours at work don't leave me much time or energy to tackle the boxes. It sure is different from when I was a SAHM and was able to stay focused on unpacking. Getting settled in may take longer this time around, but that's okay. (Every room in the house needs further attention. Although, I will admit to having my sewing room unpacked, except for one box... ;o)

Time to start catching up with my sewing projects! Here's the last project I made before we moved from old Edith. This gift is now with my friend, Heather. She's an avid gardener - hence my choice for the lining in this bag. The floral print is actually the remnants I still had from a larger bag I made for her a couple of years back. Now she has a matching set to keep her organized. Thanks for continuing to visit me here and leave your encouraging comments. This has been such a busy season at work and with our move I find I'm short on hours in a day. I'm determined to get things smoothed out soon, so I can post more regularly as well as visit your blogs to catch up. Happy day to you!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Home

Just like these babushka dolls, we have a new home. It's taking me some time to get us unpacked and settled, but we're very happy with our new place. What a change to be in a house that's about 30 years old (and has been well taken care of) compared to living in Edith (around a 100 years old and neglected). We're loving all the modern conveniences that we now have (like lights in every room and reliable plumbing ;o).
My sewing space is a mess at the moment, but I do have some projects underway to share soon. Stay tuned! :o)
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