Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching up

It's unbelievable how fast the days seem to pass. Today marks 3 weeks since we moved. Three busy weeks. I look around to see I still have plenty of unpacking to do. I find that my long hours at work don't leave me much time or energy to tackle the boxes. It sure is different from when I was a SAHM and was able to stay focused on unpacking. Getting settled in may take longer this time around, but that's okay. (Every room in the house needs further attention. Although, I will admit to having my sewing room unpacked, except for one box... ;o)

Time to start catching up with my sewing projects! Here's the last project I made before we moved from old Edith. This gift is now with my friend, Heather. She's an avid gardener - hence my choice for the lining in this bag. The floral print is actually the remnants I still had from a larger bag I made for her a couple of years back. Now she has a matching set to keep her organized. Thanks for continuing to visit me here and leave your encouraging comments. This has been such a busy season at work and with our move I find I'm short on hours in a day. I'm determined to get things smoothed out soon, so I can post more regularly as well as visit your blogs to catch up. Happy day to you!


  1. Good to hear from you! The bag is exquisite and the lining gardening fabric is awesome!

    Hope you can settle in soon and find some quality time after work, house and family to catch up on some sewing!

    Happy weekend!

  2. Th lining is just charming. What a lucky lady to have matching bags as gifts from a friend!

    I've been quietly reading your blog for about a year. Nice to see you posting again. Moving is so hard and unnerving that it's nice to know you're getting it behind you by bits.


  3. :)))
    I've recognized Edith on first photo!

    I'm glad you are back!
    Happy weekend!!

  4. Oh I don't envy you in the slightest! Sounds as though you really have upped the ante on a whole lot of juggling. Best of luck keeping those balls in the air!

  5. Unpacking is a chore I don't like either. Just choose one box and completely empty it before going to the next...hard to do if you are like me that jumps around from task to task and then finally get it all done. good luck and stay cool too! can't believe you managed to sew something already, nice bag!

  6. I still have some unpacked boxes and I moved into this house last summer. Makes me wonder if there's any point in unpacking them now. I mean, if I haven't used the contents in a year....

  7. Glad to hear you are getting settled! Sounds like you have your priorities right getting the sewing room in order first! Love the little bag - the lining fabric is sweet.

  8. what a beautiful gift for your friend! i love my pouch like that. i carry it around from room to room as i bind my quilts. it's a perfect size!

  9. Hi Katherine. I am so behind on your news of moving, again! I hardly get any time to blog these days either. I too have been working long hours and have had zero inspiration, hence the lack of blog posts. Heather is going to be over the moon with that matching bag. x


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