Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First things first

I'm settling in to my new sewing space which is right next to the kitchen (the location was suggested by the males of the household - they figured this means that I will be more likely to keep on feeding them instead of getting completely caught up in sewing and forgetting about meals. I'm not making any promises. ;o)

The great part about my set-up is that I don't have to share the space and I can have my sewing supplies in one room (finally!). I'm still organizing myself and sorting out the projects I want to complete first.
The room next to my sewing space shows only a few of the boxes left for me to deal with, but as you can see, I cleared space to get a quilt top basted. Priorities, right? LOL

Our house feels like home - now that there's sewing supplies out and a quilt top on the floor. :o)


  1. Hi Katherine! I love your new sewing space! Everyone here suggested the same space for me! (Tummies rule here too) It's really working well for me. Our's is an open kitchen/dining/family room and we can all be in the space at the same time doing a variety of activities. It has been great fun! (Perhaps the men in your family could cook dinner while you sew!

  2. i like your priorities! and i like how the men in your life suggested a location close to the kitchen. ha!!!

  3. Enjoy the sewing space.
    Love that quilt top on the floor.

  4. Great space, Katherine!
    Enjoy your home!

  5. Yay! How nice to see you all set up to sew to your heart's content again. Thanks for the peek at your sewing space.

  6. They expect to be fed? When you're sewing? This is what happens when you set a precedent :-)

  7. Congrats on getting a space all to yourself! Be sure to post another picture when you've unpacked and settled on a layout and organizational system. I recently put embarrassing Before pictures of my studio on my blog, and I'm enjoying seeing other people's spaces as I figure out how to fix my own.

  8. Hi Katherine,
    I just found your blog and love it.
    I too just got a new sewing space when my oldest got married.
    You are going to love "not sharing"... A space all to yourself and they still want you to cook? Does it come with a lock?
    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

  9. At least you will know if the dinner's burning! I hope you are settling in nicely. x

  10. hi katherine. great that you hv yr new sewing space next to the kitchen. i always dream to have one, by my kitchen where i can do lil stitching/sewing in d midst of cooking.. hik hik..

  11. Hi Katherine,
    I just found your blog, and I have to agree that your priorities are just right ;)

    I LOVE the quilt top on the floor, Could you share the name if the pattern?


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