Monday, July 23, 2018

Vintage Style Worth Repeating

Last summer, I decided that it might be fun to sew a summer nightie using a vintage pattern I found at a thrift store, from some of my stashed vintage sheets.  I paired two of my lightest weight, all cotton sheets and even added a touch of vintage ric rac to the yoke to make the perfect summer sleepwear!

Summer nightie made using vintage pattern Style #1721.

Temperatures have heated up again, calling for something light and comfortable. Time to make another vintage nightie!  

Vintage sleepwear patterns - a new obsession! ;o)

 Thankfully, I brought a few patterns along for our summer stay on the mountain, and my vintage nightie pattern was included (along with 2 others that I bought since last summer!) so now I have to decide which vintage pattern to use along with the pretty vintage sheet I scored last week. 

Sewing something pretty and practical, while giving new life to vintage materials always makes me happy!  I particularly enjoy sewing items from vintage sheets -  from quilts (here and here), lounge pants (here and here) and even shopping bags (here)!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Go with it!

Inspiration took me on a lovely creative adventure with a rather circuitous route, that (not surprisingly) landed me in my scrap stash for some instant gratification sewing. 

I have this thing for making scrappy blocks.  Especially if I get to use bright colours paired with low volume fabrics. Maybe it's a phase. Maybe it's just ME.  Time will tell...

Several elements (and people) brought inspired me to a mad dash to my sewing machine.

No surprise, I just couldn't resist going as scrappy as I could with this second version of the block!

First, I was struck by the beauty of a photo of some purple cone flowers, taken by Sharon Holland, the colours so lush and vivid that they were vibrating with energy!  This, in turn, triggered my memory of having a flower block set aside in  my "must sew one day" folder, one that could mimic the look of a cone flower.  A delightful, simple patchwork flower block with large petals, designed by Lori Holt.  The final inspirational influence that prompted my action?  Remembering the  most beautiful quilt using this block, made by  Dana Bolyard.  It's jaw dropping gorgeous!

I love and appreciate the creative talents of these women and the countless others that  share those talents with the rest of us.  I also enjoy how creativity can be sparked and spread, which is why I love the times when I just follow that energy and see what happens.  It's magic!

**Edited to add** Here's the link to the page where you can find the Zinnia block for sale as a downloadable PDF pattern. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Made Mine Scrappy

Guess what? All those scrappy blocks that I have been sharing in previous posts have become a quilt top!

I had the most fun using my scrap stash to sew the free block designs in the Community Sampler sew along (hosted by the talented and lovely Art Gallery Fabrics designers;  Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell). 

 Working from my scrap stash, I selected a mix of low volume fabrics to frame each block. It just so happened that I still had a few special low volume fabrics from a swap that were the perfect size!

Low volume scraps were pieced to make the inner borders and then for the outer borders, I altered the design so that I could have little pops of colour (and a larger quilt top).

The trickiest part is photographing a finished quilt top! Lucky for me, I stumbled upon the idea of hanging the freshly completed top over the window, which happens to show off all the extra piecing that went into my version.

It's easier to see the areas that I pieced from tiny scraps to make my blocks unique. Check out how tiny some of the scraps are!

The above block, Square dance,  has lots of extra piecing that went into it - the original design has a single fabric for the center (which is an 8.5" square).  Held up against the light, you can see that I made four log cabin style blocks in low volume scraps and then added a quarter of a circle (also pieced from scraps) to one corner of each of these.  I love the secondary pattern that I created by doing this extra design and piecing.

Pieced entirely from scraps and full of happy colours, this quilt will be a wonderful reminder of a time of transition in my life - the unexpected move and then the amazing summer rental on the mountain.
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