Sunday, September 30, 2012

Leafs me Happy Blog Hop Day #1

A new month and a new blog hop to start things off with lots of autumn inspiration!   Let's join in the fun by hopping by today's line-up....

                                                   Monday 1

Friday, September 28, 2012

Are you pre-"peared"?

A new blog hop is just around the corner! I LOVE autumn, so I'm excited to see what everyone has been stitching up to share. Now that canning season is behind me, I'm ready to be settling more into my sewing projects.  It goes without saying that I have a massive WIPS list, but I always have room on it for any inspiration that catches my eye. ;o)

Cheerleader Cherry, is certain to have us happy hopping along.  We'll be enjoying lots of inspiration, while we share the love and beauty of this new sewing season.  I can hardly wait!

Sweet treat

It's been another gorgeous week - lots of sunshine and warmer than average temps.  I really want it to last another couple of months or so, it's been so glorious!   Knowing that it can't go on like this indefinitely, sure makes you appreciate it all the more.  Another thing I'm appreciating right now, is having the end of my work week at home.  Between catching up on the household, I'm taking time to finish some WIPS, prepare for the next blog hop AND savour some fabric treats that made their way here.  Case in point... those yummy Flea Market Fancy pretties, pictured below.  So much more gorgeous in person.  I could take a bite of them, they're that sweet! lol
My first taste of Flea Market Fancy!  I have a special project to make from these beauties that I will be sharing soon....

A little update...

***Thanks to everyone interested in the  UR Priceless Blog Hop! 
 Sign-ups are closed  and participants should have received all the information they will need to start sewing their own coin purses for the hop.  If, by any chance you did not receive that email from me, please let me know. ***

Friday, September 21, 2012

There's still time...

and I still have a few spots open for sign-ups for the UR Priceless Blog Hop! 
 If you haven't signed up already, this is your last chance.
 Sign-ups end, midnite, tonight (Sat. Sept.22/12)
*Edited: Sign-ups are now closed!
What will we be doing for this hop?  All participants will  sew at least one coin purse - pictured below to share on their scheduled day of the hop. Of course, you are welcome to sew as many coin purses as you want!  I know I will be (guess what is at the top of my gift giving list? lol)

  If you've always wanted to learn how to make a coin purse using a metal frame... NOW is the time to join us!  
Leave me a comment, on this post - with your email address - if you're interested in joining Madame Samm and myself for a fun filled hop!  We'd love to have you sew and share with us. :o)

A week of "jamming"...

Remember me saying that canning season wasn't over for me, just yet? 
Mmmm... flavours of the season, ready for the months ahead! Peach Jam, Plum Jam and Pear Butter... all that's missing from my line-up, is the Grape Jelly (jars were still hot, so no photos ;o).
I couldn't resist the urge to try my hand at more jam making, knowing that I can make it without sugar (seriously... love Pomona's Pectin!), so I brought home 80lbs. of fruit on the weekend to fill some jars.  I worked a couple of days with my hubby at the beginning of the  week, so jamming started mid-week and I finished up today.  Whew.
My sons have been hovering around the kitchen, lured in by the scent of jam.  With no bread on hand, they thought my jam making to be bordering on cruelty  (all that temptation and nothing to spread it onto... lol ;o).   Tonite after completing the final batch of Grape jelly, I made some bread.  Happy, eager faces gathererd round the table, bread slices in their hands, ready to start sampling my week's worth of jam making.  Everything received two thumbs up... and two loaves of bread simply vanished. ;o)   I call my "jamming" a success. LOL
So all my time in the kitchen this week, meant that I fell behind in my "hopping"...  Today was the final day of the Dots on Dots Blog Hop.  If, like me, you're playing catch-up, there's extra incentive for you to do so over the weekend... but you need to visit these talented ladies to find out why...;o)
September 21st
Big thank-you to cheerleader Corrie and headcheerleader Madame Samm for a perfectly dotty hop!  It's been fun and inspiring to see so many wonderful dotty creations in this hop.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog Hop... Day # 8

Great news!  An extra day has been added... we can continue enjoying Dots on Dots right through to Day #10 (Friday Sept. 21st).  Yay!
Let's see what these talented ladies have in store for us today... 
September 19th



Thursday, September 13, 2012

C'mon over...I've got dots on dots..Day # 5

I hope you've been enjoying hopping along this week with the blogs sharing in the
As a little precursor to introducing my block contributions to the hop... Let me say
I've always claimed to love dots, in a crazy, fabric addicted kind of way. ;o) Looking back over the quilts and things I've sewn through the years... dots show up time and again.  They are pretty much a staple in my fabric diet. ;o)  Just give me a dotty fabric in any colour and I'm happy. lol...Not surprisingly, this blog hop grabbed my attention from the get go! Dots on dots... does it get any better than this?... No... I don't think so!  lol
Anyways, for the hop, I decided to put my love of dots to a little test... I wanted to see if I could find dots in every colour of the rainbow in my stash and then use them all in a single block.
Can you see the ROY G BIV placement of my squares?  How's that for dot crazy? ;o)
Can I share another fabric love with you?  Check out the fabric I used for the strips in this block.  You guessed it.  It's linen!
 Linen.  Oh, yes, I love linen.  It looks good no matter what you pair it with and I think it's the right foil for all that eye popping colour from the dotted prints. 
 12.5" Lotsa Dots Block #1
Predictably, I couldn't stop at one block using that rainbow idea.  If there was ever a reason to be thrilled about keeping every teeny usable scrap of fabric... well, this block is it!  Every single print used in this block has dots of some sort on it.  I was amazed at the variety!  This block  supports my claim of loving dots, don't you agree? ;o)

I think these blocks are destined to become cushion covers.  Yes, please! lol

12.5" Lotsa Dots Block #2

Thanks so much for stopping by to share this crazy love of dots. 
 I've got great news for you... there's more blogs to visit today where you're guaranteed to see more gorgeous Dots on Dots!  Enjoy!

September 14th

Debuko @ Quilts My Way 

Thanks so much to our fabulous hostess for this hop,
Corrie from Quilt Taffy. I appreciate all her work making this hop come together.  She's a fantastic cheerleader!  Yay, Corrie!

 Special thanks to Madame Samm for all the behind the scenes work she does - from the themes for each hop, the gorgeous buttons, the Pinterest boards and for gathering such generous sponsors. She does it all so beautifully and  always is there to cheer each and every one of us on.

**EDITED.... here's a link to the linen I used from

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dots on Dots Blog Hop Day #2

Are you ready for Day 2?  Here's the talent  lined up for us to visit today...
September 11th


Got Dots? Day # 1 Dots on Dots Blog Hop

If you don't, you're going to want to get some. lol
Today's the first day of a new blog hop featuring dots.  Lots and lots of dots.  You will inspired to break out the dots and get sewing with them after you visit today's talented line-up!

September 10th

I'm visiting each of them to see what these ladies have put together to share.  Will you join me?
Looking for the full hop schedule?
Our lovely hostess,
Corrie has it!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sew excited to tell you... U R


Today I'm over-the-moon excited!   Why?  Well, because there's an upcoming blog hop I'm hoping you will join me on.  I have the pleasure of hosting this as I am one of
 Madame Samm's cheerleaders.
 Now, you may already know how much fun we have on the blog hops that our vivacious head cheerleader comes up with...
 but maybe you don't...
 because you're never visited Sew We Quilt... ;o)
Well, here's YOUR chance to join in on the fun!!!

You will love this blog hop, I just know it!  
 We're going to be sewing up coin purses for this hop.
  Check out the first one Madame Samm made  shown above...(as our inspiration and to show off the fabulous pattern we'll use).  They would be perfect for gifts and you'll want to keep at least one for yourself...  Oh, we think everyone needs at least one. lol   Imagine all the beautiful versions you can make - just by changing the fabric... and then if you start embellishing... oh, my, the options are endless!!!   Can you tell how excited I am to be able to share this with you? lol
For the hop, you can make one OR as many as you'd like. 
 Personally, I know I won't be able to stop at one... ;o)
U R getting excited? lol
  I hope so!
Here's a few details ( and Madame Samm has everything explained so clearly for you HERE)...
We have the pattern to make the coin purse shown above... you will receive it in PDF format for free (it will be available early next will include lots of photos to lead you through making the coin purse).
IF you sign up for the pattern and then drop out of the hop for any reason,  YOU will have to pay for the pattern (it's nominal, but I think that's only fair for all the work put into making the pattern available).
What else will you need to make your coin purse(s)?

1. Fusible fleece* (1/2 yd. will be more than enough for one)
*Madame Samm personally recommends Pellon 987F

2. Fabric ( a fat quarter of quilting cotton will be plenty, but you can certainly mix and match fabrics to that amount, then you will have more than enough for one coin purse)

3. Metal, kiss-closure, sew-in purse frame.**
    Rectangle shape (7.5cm or 3" size).
If you go with a different sized purse frame, you will be responsible for resizing the pattern, okay?

**We will provide you with contacts for these early next week.

**UpdateLooking to buy the supplies needed?  We are delighted to let you know that Corrie and Kelly are ready to provide what you need! 

Corrie from Quilt Taffy, has the fusible pellon (Pellon 987 F) (Yay! Corrie!) and soon she will also have very fancy bag frames for coin purses that you will be able to purchase. 
 You can contact Corrie -

Kelly from I Have a Notion, has the exact coin purse frames (three cheers, Kelly!),  you will need for using the pattern we will be sharing with you.  Here's the link for the coin purse frames at Kelly's shop. or contact Kelly -

Thanks so much to Corrie and Kelly for being there when we need them! 
 I would recommend ordering from these ladies sooner rather than later... as I know the next 2 months will fly by and you don't want to be without the necessary supplies to make all those coin purses you're wanting to give as gifts ;o)....

Okay, U R here to sign-up... right?  Yes!!!  Leave me your name and your email ( especially important for "no-reply" bloggers... as I need to be able to contact you) in a comment on this post and you'll be signed up for
UR Priceless...
I'm sew excited to have you join me on this.

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