Friday, September 21, 2012

A week of "jamming"...

Remember me saying that canning season wasn't over for me, just yet? 
Mmmm... flavours of the season, ready for the months ahead! Peach Jam, Plum Jam and Pear Butter... all that's missing from my line-up, is the Grape Jelly (jars were still hot, so no photos ;o).
I couldn't resist the urge to try my hand at more jam making, knowing that I can make it without sugar (seriously... love Pomona's Pectin!), so I brought home 80lbs. of fruit on the weekend to fill some jars.  I worked a couple of days with my hubby at the beginning of the  week, so jamming started mid-week and I finished up today.  Whew.
My sons have been hovering around the kitchen, lured in by the scent of jam.  With no bread on hand, they thought my jam making to be bordering on cruelty  (all that temptation and nothing to spread it onto... lol ;o).   Tonite after completing the final batch of Grape jelly, I made some bread.  Happy, eager faces gathererd round the table, bread slices in their hands, ready to start sampling my week's worth of jam making.  Everything received two thumbs up... and two loaves of bread simply vanished. ;o)   I call my "jamming" a success. LOL
So all my time in the kitchen this week, meant that I fell behind in my "hopping"...  Today was the final day of the Dots on Dots Blog Hop.  If, like me, you're playing catch-up, there's extra incentive for you to do so over the weekend... but you need to visit these talented ladies to find out why...;o)
September 21st
Big thank-you to cheerleader Corrie and headcheerleader Madame Samm for a perfectly dotty hop!  It's been fun and inspiring to see so many wonderful dotty creations in this hop.


  1. ohhhhh they look yummy..great pics..

  2. If I lived closer, I'd be THAT neighbour. You know - the one that shows up at odd hours at your front door, empty coffee cup in hand ... "Do you have a spare cup of sugar or a dozen jars of delicious homemade jam you could spare?" :D

  3. Love this post! I'm in the middle of grape jelly here....would love to know about the Pomona pectin? I don't care for the brand I tried, but would like to make sugar-free for my diabetic hubby. Can you advise?

  4. Those jams are going to be a wonderful taste of summer during the cold days of winter. When I'm able to can again... I'll for sure be trying out that no sugar pectin, as my new eating plan doesn't allow for too much sugar. And truthfully now that I've been eating this way for the past three months or so... when I try something sugary I used to love, it's much too sweet. So no sugar added jam would be great to have.


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