Friday, September 28, 2012

Are you pre-"peared"?

A new blog hop is just around the corner! I LOVE autumn, so I'm excited to see what everyone has been stitching up to share. Now that canning season is behind me, I'm ready to be settling more into my sewing projects.  It goes without saying that I have a massive WIPS list, but I always have room on it for any inspiration that catches my eye. ;o)

Cheerleader Cherry, is certain to have us happy hopping along.  We'll be enjoying lots of inspiration, while we share the love and beauty of this new sewing season.  I can hardly wait!


  1. ohh I get pre paired ..woman you have been canning too much lol

  2. How adorable!! Love those pears...

  3. Sweet pears! Looking forward to this next HOP even if I am sitting on the sidelines. =)

  4. Looks like canning season has spilled over into your sewing room with these fabulous fabric pears and the previous post apple. Blissful Stitching...


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