Friday, September 7, 2012

Sew excited to tell you... U R


Today I'm over-the-moon excited!   Why?  Well, because there's an upcoming blog hop I'm hoping you will join me on.  I have the pleasure of hosting this as I am one of
 Madame Samm's cheerleaders.
 Now, you may already know how much fun we have on the blog hops that our vivacious head cheerleader comes up with...
 but maybe you don't...
 because you're never visited Sew We Quilt... ;o)
Well, here's YOUR chance to join in on the fun!!!

You will love this blog hop, I just know it!  
 We're going to be sewing up coin purses for this hop.
  Check out the first one Madame Samm made  shown above...(as our inspiration and to show off the fabulous pattern we'll use).  They would be perfect for gifts and you'll want to keep at least one for yourself...  Oh, we think everyone needs at least one. lol   Imagine all the beautiful versions you can make - just by changing the fabric... and then if you start embellishing... oh, my, the options are endless!!!   Can you tell how excited I am to be able to share this with you? lol
For the hop, you can make one OR as many as you'd like. 
 Personally, I know I won't be able to stop at one... ;o)
U R getting excited? lol
  I hope so!
Here's a few details ( and Madame Samm has everything explained so clearly for you HERE)...
We have the pattern to make the coin purse shown above... you will receive it in PDF format for free (it will be available early next will include lots of photos to lead you through making the coin purse).
IF you sign up for the pattern and then drop out of the hop for any reason,  YOU will have to pay for the pattern (it's nominal, but I think that's only fair for all the work put into making the pattern available).
What else will you need to make your coin purse(s)?

1. Fusible fleece* (1/2 yd. will be more than enough for one)
*Madame Samm personally recommends Pellon 987F

2. Fabric ( a fat quarter of quilting cotton will be plenty, but you can certainly mix and match fabrics to that amount, then you will have more than enough for one coin purse)

3. Metal, kiss-closure, sew-in purse frame.**
    Rectangle shape (7.5cm or 3" size).
If you go with a different sized purse frame, you will be responsible for resizing the pattern, okay?

**We will provide you with contacts for these early next week.

**UpdateLooking to buy the supplies needed?  We are delighted to let you know that Corrie and Kelly are ready to provide what you need! 

Corrie from Quilt Taffy, has the fusible pellon (Pellon 987 F) (Yay! Corrie!) and soon she will also have very fancy bag frames for coin purses that you will be able to purchase. 
 You can contact Corrie -

Kelly from I Have a Notion, has the exact coin purse frames (three cheers, Kelly!),  you will need for using the pattern we will be sharing with you.  Here's the link for the coin purse frames at Kelly's shop. or contact Kelly -

Thanks so much to Corrie and Kelly for being there when we need them! 
 I would recommend ordering from these ladies sooner rather than later... as I know the next 2 months will fly by and you don't want to be without the necessary supplies to make all those coin purses you're wanting to give as gifts ;o)....

Okay, U R here to sign-up... right?  Yes!!!  Leave me your name and your email ( especially important for "no-reply" bloggers... as I need to be able to contact you) in a comment on this post and you'll be signed up for
UR Priceless...
I'm sew excited to have you join me on this.


  1. Of course I'm in--email has been sent. Love that little purse!

  2. I think I want to join in, BUT, it depends when the deadline is!

  3. Rosemary B here: :-)
    Hello dear Katherine, I just emailed you.
    Yes, I do I dooo want to be a part of your Priceless blog hop!!!
    I do not have a sewing blog (just a kitty blog- I have a lot of special friends that need a lighthearted silly thing to read) so I will have to submit my project to ThatOtherBlogg. Please let me know if there is space available for me

    Thanks loads

  4. Hey, you already signed me up. I am looking forward to this, I am already put my change away to fill my wallet.

  5. I'm a little hesitant to join, just because I can get over-booked very easily. I'm just telling myself that I only have to make one and surely I'll be able to do that. The purse looks really cute and I'm hoping it won't be too difficult. Sooooooo.... join me up if there is still room. And thanks for hosting this hop!

  6. I would love to be included, as I LOVE purses! I don't have my blog up and running as yet but hope I can still take part. Thanks so much, Joyce

  7. I've never sewn one but I'm going to use this HOP as inspiration and a kick start.
    Add me to the list please. =)

  8. Just got your reply to my e-mail. I am so looking forward to this! I already have one of the 3" rectangle frames but this is the perfect excuse to buy more... lol

  9. I would like to join you, I haven't blog

  10. Yes indeed...and I"m hoping to make enough to give as gifts this holiday season too :)


  11. I'm in! Thanks for teaching me something new.

  12. I would love to join! I have been wanting to make one (?) of these and here you are! I have never done this before but looks so fun!

  13. I'm in for sure - should be fun! Blessings, Marlene

  14. Oh yes, please! I've let too many hops pass by and I'm ready to do another one!

  15. oops. forgot the email addy: swenstrand at gmail dot com.

  16. I'd like to join in on this blog hop (although I have no blog). I think this purse is adorable, and I'm going out tomorrow to make sure I have the 3" purse frame. You can reach me at barb2124(at)comcast(dot)net.

  17. Hi katherine, I am in for the blog hop. this will be my first blog hop!!!!!! Do I need to do something special????

  18. Of course i'm in!!! want to make that coin purse sine forever!
    Cliodana (Mélanie)

  19. I'm having trouble emailing you. Are there any openings for the UR Priceless blog hop?


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