Monday, April 30, 2012

Sew into Solids - Week # 8

Block by block, I'm making progress on my Sew into Solids quilt. I'm determined to make up for the time I lost waiting for my fabric to arrive! ;o)  Currently, I'm more than half through the piecing, thanks to my trusty Belle.  She's a dream to piece with.

The blocks (below) are ready for their final cut and then they will be re-arranged and pieced.  Once that is complete, they will be pinned onto my design wall,

along with all the others, so I can figure out the final layout.  So far, so good.

That's where I'm at for week #8 of ...

Sew into Solids

How about YOU?
It's wonderful to see that our group is growing and so inspiring to see each others projects. The past week has seen the addition of some gorgeous projects on our Flickr group.  You ladies are amazing!   Please, pop over to see the latest pics, Jane's cool block tutorial and  then be sure to visit Jane to find out more about what's happening for Week #8.

In case you still may be searching for ideas of what to sew with solids,  I'll  leave you with more inspiration collected from the work of others...

1. Leaves and squares pillow, 2. DQS 10, 3. My Mini from Isabel, 4. DQS 10 finished.. complexity, 5. DQS #10, 6. DQS received from Safieh!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Diving into the blue...

I've started stitching those blue strips together for my first solids only quilt.  Initially, I thought I might've made a mistake and that all those solids weren't going to pull together, and that I should think about trying a different design for the quilt, but I kept going.  Boy, am I glad I did!
  Here's my first block:

All it took was one look at that block and I changed my mind.  I'm in love.

You'll soon be seeing more of these, I promise, but I better get back to my sewing to make that happen.

Wishing you a lovely Friday (it's all grey and rainy here today, but that's not bothering me one bit... all this rain should get things greening up.  Bring on Spring!).

Happy stitching!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting with it...

Wednesday, already?  It's the middle of the week and I'm up to my ears in WIPS at the moment. Not that I'm complaining -  I couldn't be happier to be spending this week at home ( meaning: mostly in my sewing room! I do need to de-thread the house though... all that time in my sewing room leaves evidence everywhere else... but I'd rather be creating than cleaning, so I guess the dust bunnies will get to grow a little bigger ).  Since I'm ignoring those dust bunnies (temporarily) maybe it's a good time to show a peek at some of the things happening behind the scenes here.

First off, I'm cutting blue fabrics as quick as I can for my Sew into Solids quilt.

As you can see, I'm dividing the values into three groups.  Hoping this will help with piecing!
 The next project I'm quite excited to get back to working on is the one using those scrappy granny square blocks I made.  I was waiting for my order of white to come in so that I could sew sashing around them.  The fabric arrived and after a late night session of sewing, I have my grannies sashed and bordered.
Keeping it real.This is the view that greets me when I walk into my sewing room.  My poor design board is covered in layers of WIPS.  I think I need to rename it the "waiting board" as this seems to be where quilt blocks or flimsies reside when they can't be finished until I either  a) re-work the design or b) find more material to finish said project.  The one thing about this view is that I have a constant reminder of what needs finishing.  My sons say it's fabric archaeology. Notice they didn't say it was like fabric archiving.  No, they associate it with something that's been dead for years. Ahem.  I'm not THAT bad at finishing projects! LOL 

Please keep your eyes on the background of bright blocks and avert your eyes from the nasty looking cover on my ironing board.  I swear I made that cover new less than a year ago!  You'd get the impression that I do a lot of ironing... but rest assured, it's not clothes I'm pressing (note the stack of awaiting FQs looking for a press?)  As for clothes? If it ain't wash and wear, it is worn wrinkly. ;o)  I'm too busy pressing fabric to iron clothes! lol

Today is the final day of the

I hope you've been hopping along each day with us.  Today's line-up of talent is sure to inspire you...

Wednesday April 25th
Shanna moved from earlier in the week..
Marnie ( no show)

Make sure you give them each a visit and don't miss out on the fantastic giveaways, too!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where did the day go?

I'm late, I know, but there's still time to check out the beautiful creations by these talented ladies for the

Tuesday April 24th


Monday, April 23, 2012

More fun as we Sew into Solids Week #7

It's a new week and it's time to share progress for Sew into Solids.  Happy to report, I've got a new finish!  It's is my second cushion cover made from those blocks I showed here.  I intentionally gave each cover a different look - in terms of the layout of the pieces and in the quilting.

This time around, I opted for the texture of free motion quilted "curlicues", which resemble waves or the letter "s".  However you describe them, I will say they are very fun to quilt!
The same fabrics were used to make both cushion covers, from front to back and including the binding.  I love the light pink binding against that orchid pink of the backs.

Notice how different the finish is to each cover due to the quilting?  Makes my mind race with endless ideas for exploring other quilting designs and pillows are quick project to try them on....

Thought I'd share a daylight shot of the first solids only project I've ever made. Nothing like natural lighting to show off the beauty of those pinks!

Now that I've made my cushion covers and the rest of my blue fabrics (finally! ;o) have arrived, I'm underway with cutting strips for my solids quilt.  My plan is to get going on some block making this week as I'm quite behind where I'd hoped to be at this point (thanks to the huge delay in my fabric arriving).  I need to get cracking! ;o)

I wonder how Jane's week went....

and how about YOU?  How's progress coming with your own Sew into Solids projects?  Any finishes out there?  I know Cinzia is close to finishing.  I understand she's waiting for a backorder of batting to arrive.
Please keep sharing your photos on the Flickr group!  Know that you can join in at any time and that we'd love to have you share in the adventures of sewing with solids along with us.
Sew into Solids

Today is also of Day 6 in the

You don't want to miss the beauty and inspiration being shared today by these talented ladies...

Looks like a fabulous start to a new week.  Happy Monday to you!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day #5 and my patience paid off...

First off,  I want to say thanks for all the lovely comments on the two  table toppers I shared yesterday as a part of the Blog Hop.   I  appreciate hearing from you and enjoyed reading every one of them. Thank you so much!

Next, I want to be sure you don't miss Friday's line-up of sewing talent for the Blog Hop... enjoy!

Friday April 20th

Wondering how my patience has be rewarded?

The waiting is over.

Happy news for my Sew into Solids project! The parcel with my travel weary solids for my blue quilt has finally found its way to me.  What a relief! 

These are the half yard cuts along with the yardage for the backing...

Can't get them to show true in my lighting for some reason - they're looking washed out here.  In person they range from a pale bluebell colour to a navy, but you get the idea that I've now added another 6 blues to choose from... the 7th fabric is back ordered. sigh

along with this fat quarter stack of Kona goodness. ;o)

Somehow, I messed up.  I was a bit surprised to discover that the colours of this stack looked to be blues only online and in person, clearly are not.   Even the fabrics at the top of this stack are more green than blue when placed next to my current array of blues.  So instead of having 50+ blues to work with  I will have about 30.  I'm going to make that work.  As for those greens?  Well, I'm sure they'll make their way into another project because I've definitely become enamoured with solids.  Guess I'll just have to keep sewing.  Darn.  ;o)

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My stop on the hop

Hello and welcome! 


is far from over.  This is only Day 4!
Look who's sharing their creative talents today...
Thursday April 19th

Katherine (me!)

I'm in such good company on this Blog Hop and love seeing what everyone is sharing.  Thanks so much to Madame Samm for organizing this fun event.

For my part, I decided to make a little something to display in my sewing room.  A gentle reminder of sorts...

for those times when my stitches go astray. 
My sons like to tease me that my usual sunny demeanor goes quite sour when I break out the seam ripper.    I can pretty much clear a room just by picking up the seam ripper...  funny coincidence, don't you think?  I'm certain they exaggerate. ;o)
A little dose of humour may be the ticket to keep me smiling when I'm stitch ripping.


Couldn't resist placing my new little mini in front of (some of) my stash.  Fabric makes such a pretty background. ;o)

If the humour in the sewing room doesn't keep me smiling, then this little table topper will do the trick.
No more, "What's for supper?". 
 All you need to know is on the menu. 

There's plenty of space to write it all out and a handy little loop for holding the chalk.

I picture this table topper being very useful as well as decorative.  I love that I was able to find a good use for some scrap upholstery weight vinyl (that's the chalkboard)  along with some vintage trim and cheery gingham.   My new menu display definitely looks better than the plain whiteboard I was using for this purpose.
Thanks for visiting!
I hope your time here leaves you with some inspiration for making a table topper or two of your own to enjoy.
  Be sure to visit everyone on the Blog Hop...  you don't want to miss your chance to see beautiful creations or the chance to win prizes. (Madame Samm has the full schedule, plus a peek at some prizes.  Click here to see.)

Edited to add: 

I almost didn't get to make the menu topper because I couldn't find chalkboard fabric locally.  I was so disappointed.  I just happened to remember that I had scraps of black vinyl left from an upholstery commission from a few years ago and that we would mark measurements for cutting right on its surface using chalk.  Light bulb moment!  This particular vinyl is not very textured or glossy, so the chalk works quite well on it.  Not the case with all vinyls, so if you want to use vinyl, test it with chalk first.  Happily, this vinyl worked, so I got to make my idea AND use up something that had been languishing in my sewing room. Yes!  Love those moments when it all clicks. ;o)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Check it out!

That's right, we're on Day 3 of the

Wonder what these lovely ladies have in store for us?
Wednesday April 18th

Hope you're having fun following along.  I know I am!  Plus, I'm getting excited knowing that tomorrow I'll be amongst the stops on the hop.  Until then, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you blog hopping?

It's Day 2 of the

Here's the line-up of talent to visit today...
Tuesday April 17th

I'm hoping to squeeze in visits to the lovely ladies above  later today (after work, most likely).    You're invited to hop on over to say  hello... and be prepared to be inspired!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sew into Solids - Week #6

Last week, Jane gave us the goal of completing at least one block to be shared today for
Sew into Solids.   Since I had already completed the blocks I needed to make my cushion covers before the week was over, I set myself  the goal of finishing a cover. Here it is!

Early on, while piecing the different pinks together to make this block, I was reminded of blossom season in the orchards.  It's one of the things I miss about not living in the Okanagan anymore.  Springtime was a riot of colour and fragrant beauty - especially the orchards.  Anyways, the images of those flowering orchards inspired me to quilt a single bloom on the surface of my cushion cover.

The variegated thread worked its magic on all the varying pinks, adding extra visual interest, in my opinion.  Plus the curves of all those petals gives a softness to the linear design of this block.  I tend to like to contrast lines with curves whenever possible, just to mix things up a bit. ;o)

I was trying to figure out how to best convey that the binding I made was a light pink, not white, so thought a darker pink backdrop might work...

but, then again, maybe a white background works better?
Now I'm feeling that my week is off to a good start with this first solids only finish under my belt.
Let's go have a look at what Jane has ready to share for Week #6....

Okay, here's other exciting news to kick off a new week...
It's time for the

Monday April 16th is the start and here's the starring line-up of talent to visit today...

I'm rather excited to see what each has stitched up to share.  We're bound to be inspired and I know that if you follow along throughout the Blog Hop  (April 16th -25th) you may find a giveaway or two.  I'll be sure to share the schedule each day of the Blog Hop for you to enjoy visiting each blog.
Happy Monday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

In the pink

Since my post on Monday, I've made some progress on the blocks I've been piecing using only solids (can you hear me cheering?! lol ).  This will be just one of the projects I'm tackling for Sew into Solids.   I've decided to make quilted cushion covers from these new blocks.  It seems perfect timing to add something "spring-ish" in colour to the living room.  Especially as it's snowing as if it's the middle of winter, at the moment.

I'm "in the pink" over the success I feel with these blocks rather than
 "feeling blue" with disappointment having fabric ordered for my quilt seemingly disappear in the postal system.  I'm ever hopeful that those lovely blue fabrics will still find their way to me.  Anyways, take a look at what I came up with using a range of pink solids....

Wow.  To think it started with a few free cut blocks like this,

and this one.

I decided that I would cut those blocks up a bit and rearrange their pieces.  That's how Block #1 came into being and with the leftovers and another round of piecing,  I came up with Block #2 ( shown below).  I really like the randomness of these blocks.  Oh, and the colour.  Boy, do I like the warmth all the pinks combined exude.     Has me wondering why I never ventured into sewing with solids on their own before....

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sew into Solids - Week 5

Hey!  It's Week 5 of Sew into Solids!  This is your chance to share any projects in solids that you may be working on. Let's see what you're making! (Remember to share your photos on Flickr.... and have a look at what others in the group are working on.  There are some amazing project photos that have been added.  They are sure to inspire!)    Don't forget to hop over to visit Jane,  to see how her quilt is progressing.

Sew into Solids

I feel that I need to do a little catch up with you...

Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend!  The past week went by in a blur for me... which you may have guessed, since I've been away from blog land for the entire time.  I've started working with my husband, as his helper, installing cabinets and counter tops... and this week we worked in 3 different homes.  It made for a very busy week!  Sadly, the long work days combined with it being quite physical in nature, left me too tired to even sit in front of a sewing machine this past week.   A couple of nights, as soon as I got home, I simply showered and crawled into bed without eating supper.  Yeah, I was that tired....

  Not that I could start sewing my quilt for Sew into Solids if I hadn't been so exhausted this past week.   Unbelievably, my fabric has not yet made it to my doorstep.  I think it must be taking a world tour ( I ordered it March 11th and it's been in transit for 3 weeks as of tomorrow)!   Anyways, since I've been wanting to make some smaller projects in solids, I rounded up some solids locally over the weekend to add with a few that I received last week from Connecting Threads and spent Sunday cutting and piecing.  Happily, I now have something to show sewing wise!  

A sale at a local shop helped me gather some solids in warm colours to get me started on a mini project or two.

Sticking with a pink palette, I'm basing my design on a quilt pattern in Modern Quilt Workshop for this mini solids project.

I'm loving these warm colours!  Now if I can only decide if these blocks will become cushion covers or a table runner.... hmmmm.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sew into Solids Week #4

Are you ready for Week #4?
Sew into Solids

This week is for sharing your progress on your solids project.  Hopefully, you're stitching away on some blocks and have some ready for us to "oooooh" and "aaaaah" over. ;o)   Please, add them to the Sew into Solids Flickr group for us all to admire.

Sadly, I'm lagging behind.  I have no blocks to show because my fabric has not arrived as of yet, despite my fervent wishes and finger crossing.  I'm giving it until later today to show up, and then I'm phoning the store to see if we can track it down.  Once I have the needed fabric in hand,  I'm going to have to do some speedy sewing to catch up with Jane! ;o)

 Hop on over to see Jane's blocks.... and  be sure to share  yours as well!

Happy sewing!
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