Monday, October 31, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop - Day 6

Mad Mathilda, Bored Betty and Scary Mary want to welcome you to Day 6 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop

Hope you all had a chance to catch up on last week's Ghastlie stops on the blog hop because we're starting the second week.  Here's the list of links to my Ghastlie sistahs for today. 
 ON Monday October 31st
Day 6

Mrs Barb Ghastlie  * lost her power during snow storm
will keep you updated when it is back on...
Along with sharing wonderful, Ghastlie projects, if you comment on their blogs you will have a chance at today's  Grand Prize giveaway...
DAY 6 Giveaway 

2 sets of these candi lovely lights
( not edible, they do light up)
from one of our very own Mrs Nancy Ghastlie
Who won Friday's grand prizes?...
Congrats Manda and  Danelle 
4 Yards EACH of this GHASTLIE 
Collection from our sponsor
P.S.  I don't know about you, but this blog hop hasn't cured me of wanting to sew some more with the Ghastlies.  I hope to include a few more projects with you this week, even though my stop on the blog hop was last Thurs.   Fingers crossed that some of those other projects will be ready to share soon.   Meantime, go enjoy the inspiration you will see on my Ghastlie sistah's blogs, but I warn you, you may find yourself with Ghastlie fever. ;o)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop - Day 5 and Giveaway Winners

First and foremost...  a huge thank you for all your comments on my Ghastlie creations,  which I posted yesterday.  YOU made my day!  I had fun reading what you had to say and learning how many Ghastlie fans are out there.   It would seem that Ghastlie fever really is contagious! lol
Now, let's find out which of you won some Ghastlie prizes...

Winner for yesterday's grand prize giveaway... 
Congratulations, Evelyn!

Now we need a winner for my own giveaway (Dotty over the Ghastlies apron)...

  The winner... Jeanie!  Congratulations, Jeanie!  (look for my email in your inbox)

Get ready for today's line-up of Ghastlie delights and a new giveaway.  Please go visit today's Ghastlie sistah's and leave them your comments...

 ON Friday October 28th 
Day 5

Check out what grand prizes await you...
DAY 5 Giveaway...
And yes you guessed
2 more WINNERS for 
Ghastlie Fabric...

4 Yards EACH of this GHASTLIE 
Collection from our sponsor
They are sporting a BRAND NEW look too.!
YOU can VIEW these from samples they have posted!

Good luck!  I hope YOU win and thanks again for making the Ghastlie Blog Hop so much fun.  Okay, I'm off to go check out what my sistahs have stitched up.   Happy Friday to you!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop - Day 4

Welcome!  Glad you've stopped in to see the "secret sewing" I've been doing as a part of the Ghastlies Blog Hop.   Now before I overwhelm you with photos of my projects made from this fabric line,... I want to make sure you all know that there are daily giveaways during the the Ghastlies Blog Hop.  To be entered for the daily grand prize (shown over at Madame Ghastlie's - she happens to be our lovely hostess that came up with this fun idea and she's also a Ghastlie enabler  source of inspiration  ;o),  remember to leave a comment (one on each blog you visit on their appointed day).  Okay?

    Now that I know you're set to win, are you ready for me to share something Ghastlie?

 How about a lap quilt, featuring this fiendish family!

The finished quilt is 52" square, so I'm calling it a lap quilt.  My sons thought it must be a baby quilt because they have become used to me making bed sized quilts.  When I explained that it wasn't meant to be a baby quilt, my youngest son said, "Good, because this quilt would scare the baby!"

 Can you guess what I named my quilt?.....Scare the Baby...

Speaking of scary... what are they knitting in this scene?....

and what is she doing with that hammer?

 Now this fellow doesn't look too scary... but  what's up with the invisible dog on his leash? ;o)

Want to hear something scary?  My addiction for quilt making.  Honestly, I didn't originally buy Ghastlies fabric with the intention of making a quilt.  I was picturing bags, aprons, tea cozies and the like.  Lots of small, quick, gift type sewing projects.   I was working on one such idea when a quilt design came to me and I just put aside all those earlier ideas and dove into making a Ghastlie quilt.

Sometimes scary is good. :o)

 One idea seems to lead to another and it was while I was making the quilt  and looking at this block

 and this witch, that another project came to me.

I thought about combining them...

into a wall hanging.

Would you like a tour? 

Let me be your guide.

Okay, be careful, when passing the family cat, Sebastian, as you enter.  He's a bit of a fiend at times.


Off to your left, you probably noticed the dining room is in use.  Let's leave them to it and go to the next room on the main floor.

Looks like Uncle is getting ready to walk his dog, so we might as well head on up the stairs.

From this window, you can view the bramble garden, but let's leave this sad fellow here, deep in contemplation.

Upstairs, into the parlour we go!  Oh, seems like the doctor has been paying a visit.  Hope whatever she has isn't catching... let's be on our way, just in case.

 Over in the west wing, I'm not sure if her broom is out to do a spot of sweeping up or if she's making some travelling plans.

 Let's not disturb, whatever the case.  She doesn't look too pleased to see us. ;o)

Hiking up the stairs into the tower, we come to my favourite room.  I think it must be a studio of sorts.  Just look at the knitting going on here!

Up the last flight of stairs inside the tower we come to the loft... otherwise known as the  hideaway.  It's usually very quiet up here... but oh, it seems to be occupied today.  That's okay, it seems we've come to the final room on our tour.  Hope you enjoyed your visit.  Be sure to sign the guestbook on your way out and please, come again!

To give you an idea of the scale I used, I've placed my Scare the Baby quilt next to the No Place Like Home wall hanging.  Look at the bottom right hand of the quilt.  See that house surrounded by the polka dot fabrics?  That was the inspiration and template for the house I put together for the wall hanging.   

Next up,  meet the Sour Faced Babushka dolls...

Scary Mary,

 Bored Betty,

and the matriarch,  Mad Mathilda.

 Apparently, even babushkas have days when they don't feel like smiling (but I hope my silly dolls made YOU smile ;o).

The final project I have to share is something I made using some Ghastlies in the mauve colourway, partnered with some polka dots, gingham and some vintage ric-rac.

Here is a little something I made especially for YOU, to thank you for visiting today.  Leave me a comment*  on this post, for a chance to win this Dotty over the Ghastlies apron (winner will be responsible for postage).  I will close the giveaway at midnight,  and the winner will be announced here, tomorrow, Friday Oct. 28th.   Just a reminder, please make sure I can contact you through your email if you're the winner. 

* Your comment here will also have you entered for a chance at today's grand prize over at Sew I Quilt.

 Thanks so much for visiting here and letting me share with you my Ghastly sewing projects.  I wish I could say I'm done with the Ghastlies, but I think not (although my family claims they've seen enough of my Ghastlie projects for a while... lol).

Thanks again to Madame Ghastlie for her brilliant plan for a cure to Ghastlie fever.

Okay, now off you go to visit my Ghastlie stitching friends to see their wonderful creations and remember to leave comments at each blog (because we love hearing from YOU and because we want you to have a chance at some prizes.)

ON Thursday October 27th 

       Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie       (that's me!) 

  Psssst.....Want to see the grand prize for today?  Take a look
Day 4 Giveaway

Monday, October 24, 2011

There's something Ghastly going on....

Welcome to our 1st Annual Ghastlie Blog HOP

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot
and you wish you could get them out of your mind
than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure
Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure
that we could stitch the nights away
in hopes that we MAY----
( all 53 of us)


The side effects are Ghastlie
there is no mistaking too.
if you don't run this very minute
YOU too will catch the FLU...

We suspected all along
this was her master plan
she did not want to be alone,
with all YOU Ghastlie FANS...

 ON Monday, October 24th 

 ON Tuesday October 25th 

 ON Wednesday October 26th     
 ON Thursday October 27th 

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

 ON Friday October 28th 

 ON Monday October 31st

 ON Tuesday November 1st 

 ON Wednesday November 2nd

 ON Thursday November 3rd

 ON Friday November 4th

Hello, my peeps, today is the start of some Ghastly fun and  if you haven't already guessed, I'm excited to be a part of the Ghastlies Blog Hop.  It promises to be a fun couple of weeks! Please, let me encourage you to  go and visit the blogs listed above to be inspired and entertained... and just to let you know... each day there will be a giveaway with some fun and fantastic prizes you won't want to miss.  My day to share the Ghastlie sewing projects I have made will be Thurs. Oct. 27th, but don't wait until then to get a Ghastile fix - go blog hopping today, using the links above. ;o)
Wishing you Ghastlie good time!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The red trio

of scrappy 9-patch blocks have finally become

 quilt-y cushions!  Three cheers for having lots of red scraps in my stash to make this happen. hee hee
The patchwork part was easy, but when it came time to finish them, I just couldn't decide whether to add self-made piping or binding.  Discovering that I had only enough cord to make piping for two out of the three cushions... the final decision was made for me! lol ... Obviously, I choose to simply bind them - each one is bound in a different fabric (which is hard to see from my photos, unless you click on them to enlarge).
 The 9 patch blocks were arranged the same on two cushions fronts for some continuity, then differently on this one:
 but since I used scraps to make the blocks, each  is different from any of the others.  I think that's what I love most about quilting with scraps.  Endless variety and opportunity to experiment. :o)
 Lined up on the love seat, all those reds make me smile!  I just can't seem to get enough of this colour.
Which is becoming obvious... these cushions are only the latest make in my "red fest".  Adding it all up;  I now have one, two, three red runners, a set of 5 red scrappy placemats and I recovered my kitchen chairs in red scrappy patchwork.  You would think that it would be enough red around my house, but looking at these new cushions has me thinking a nice red scrappy quilt to match will be added to the "must sew" list. ;o)

I'm joining in on the fun and entering my cushions in Celebrate Color over at Stitched in Color and...

Celebrate Color

I'm linking up to Finish it up Friday, Week 2 over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sewing and keeping secrets

Whew.  Can't believe how fast the days are flying by!  This past weekend was busy with Thanksgiving ...and between the grocery shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning and planning I managed a quick visit to the local fabric shop (it is next door to one of the food shops I had to get some supplies from, so that's pretty convenient ;o).  I had a specific project in mind, so I stuck close to my list in choosing fabrics for only that project (even though everything in the store was on sale... oh, my... a lot of temptation!). 
  Here's my selection:
These beauties have already been cut and stitched into something new, but I'm afraid you will just have to wait a little longer before I can share with you.  I'm pretty excited about what I've been making, so keeping it a secret is tough.
Actually, there's been lots of behind the scenes sewing ... which is why I've disappeared for the past week.   I'm working on some deadlines here, so wish me some speedy sewing success.  I need it. ;o)   Don't worry, I will soon be able to show my secret sewing projects with you.  I may even have some finishes on some not-so-secret sewing projects to share soon too, but for that to happen, I best get back to my machine.
Happy sewing!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Catching up on things

It's raining cats and dogs as I write this morning.  Good thing I managed to snap some photos of what's been happening during a brief sunny spot yesterday.  It seems I've managed to fall behind in a few things I wanted to share with you.  First up, I have to show the amazing giveaway I won a few weeks back, from the lovely and generous, Kelly, over at Pinkadot Quilts.  Seeing it all in person, left me a little stunned.  You know my creative juices were stirred by all those great scraps, the gorgeous layer cake and then my favourite... the yardage of pink dots from Denyse Schmidt.  There's fun in the making with all these treasures.... Thanks so much Kelly!
 Next up, I thought I'd let you know that I haven't abandoned the project using my red scraps and 9 patch blocks.  I've actually got the quilting done. See?
 The latest thing that has my attention is the Ghastlies.  You may have noticed the button on my sidebar featuring these sober folk.  Can I  just say how excited I am to have received my yardage so I can get some Ghastlie projects made to share with you!  Obviously, the Ghastlies stand outside my usual taste in fabric, which is most often brightly coloured, but perhaps that may be part of the appeal.  Anyways, stick around for the upcoming Ghastlies blog hop (starting Oct. 24th) and you will see what I will have made from this fun fabric.  Oh, if you want some Ghastlies fabric of your own, you can order from Corrie over at Quilt Taffy (like I did for the print below)...
 or pop by My Heart and Sew, where Cassie will put together some more lovelies for you (such as the ones I bought, shown below...).

 Of course, while I was on a mission to track down the Ghastlies, I did succumb to a little something extra.  I thought it would be a good way to sweeten the other (or distract the attention away from) "me" purchases by ordering some Heirloom FQs by Joel Dewberry to make a quilt for my husband.  "See, honey? I ordered some fabric just for you. I knew you'd like it because orange is your favourite colour."  Admittedly, he likes the newest orange fabrics added to the stash, "just for him",  but I think he may be on to my tactics.  I heard him say something about me not *ahem... cough, cough,* needing (his words NOT mine... lol) to order any more fabric for awhile.  Hmmm... ;o)  Shall I pretend that I didn't hear him say that? hee hee
Okay, that was quite a hodge-podge to share today.  Good ahead and ignore my blathering and just keep your attention on all the pretty fabrics I showed you instead. ;o)   I'm off to make some progress on the sewing to-do list (my favourite to-do list in the house! Yay!).  Happy day to you!
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