Monday, December 21, 2009

Hat Parade

I did warn you that now that I drafted a hat pattern I liked, that I would be making more. Three hats in one week and a fourth one waiting to be stitched together.

My red hat is made from a wool blend using the first design I drafted.

Once again I kept the details simple, using only topstitching with a single button on the hat band to add interest.

My second new design has more whimsy to it, partly because I couldn't resist using Kaffe Fassett fabric for the hat band, brim and self cover button (on the top of the hat).

I have been having so much fun stitching up hats to coordinate with my work wardrobe! My co-workers have started asking me to make them hats as well and I have been good naturedly teased about what hat I will make to wear for my next working day. Any guesses what colour is next up for me to sew?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bad hair days are no longer scary

because of my new hat....
I love hats and I have been wanting to make a certain style of hat for some time. I've sewn hats before but my interest has been rekindled as hats are more of an mainstream fashion accessory and acceptable where I work. I could see the practicality of using this fashion accessory for my work wardrobe. My mind started racing with infinite fabric and notion combinations to make unique hats. Initially, I thought I would just buy a hat pattern, but when I couldn't find exactly what I wanted I decided to draft my own.
This is my prototype, which I happily wore to work yesterday after stitching it together the evening before. I decided to use a plush upholstery fabric for my prototype because I knew the fabric wouldn't be too soft or too stiff for my design. The hat is lined with a drapery weight cotton to give a little extra shaping without stiffness. For the brim of the hat I used two different weights of interfacing. The medium weight fusible interfacing was bonded to the fabric that forms the underside of the brim. The heavy weight interfacing was sandwiched between the top and bottom fabrics of the brim and then top stitched in place.

Wooden buttons and top stitching add a simple finishing detail that doesn't compete with the napped fabric of the hat. My husband loved the hat and pointed out all the money I saved - from making my own pattern and then I told him that I also used fabric and notions that I bought at thrift sales. I ended up with a hat that's unique, fits properly and was economical. Some of the very reasons I love sewing!
Already I have been dreaming up more hats that will complement my work wardrobe. That way, I never need to fear another bad hair day as I head off to work. I only need to remember to keep the hat on - hat hair can be pretty scary! ;o)

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