Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm supposed to be working on our business taxes...
Love the colours in this pretty stack of fabric and  couldn't resist bringing out my Singer Featherweight for a photo or two.

but took advantage of a spot of sunshine to snap photos of fun stuff in my sewing room, instead.

My Singer 15-91... aka "Belle".
At least I have pretty things to  look at while I work on those taxes. ;o)  Happy Monday!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Finishing Touches

 I'm getting closer to a finish on one of my secret sewing projects, so I'm sharing a wee peek with you.

 I love the little details that make a project extra special.  Such as a fussy cut, self-made label or

pockets with flaps.  These little details are the things that take a bit more time, but add so much to a finish.  I've still got some hand stitching to do on this project... oh, and I need to dig through my stash of snaps to finish off those pockets, but a finish is in sight.

Monday, June 23, 2014


I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone working on some more gift sewing

which means I can't show any finishes, but I can show you some of the fun I've been having selecting and cutting fabrics. :o)


Saturday, June 14, 2014

You Are Loved Quilt

This quilt was a complete pleasure to make! I've given you a few sneak peeks at it during the process  (here and here) and decided I couldn't keep you in suspense any longer. ;o)
I cut 5" squares from my stash along with some background rectangles at 5" x 9 1/2" and threw in some layer cake low volume fabrics (which were trimmed to 9 1/2" square).  I wanted the mix in background sizes to add more interest.
It's a lap-sized quilt made especially for a sweet little girl that loves horses

Sarah Jane's "Summer Ride" from her Wee Wander line is the fabric I based the palette for this quilt from.

and it is filled with a wide assortment of low-volume fabrics - making it an "I Spy" quilt.

When I gift this quilt, I'm thinking of adding a card with a list of things for the recipient to look for on her quilt... things like safety pins, strawberries and pinwheels! ;o)

A quilt for her to enjoy making up stories about as she explores all the fabrics in it, as much as she may enjoy hearing stories while cuddling under it.

I hope she will enjoy the festival of colour, while tracing small fingers over those quilted circles.

Kona in Petal was used for the backing to allow the quilting design to really stand out.
Most of all, I hope this quilt will remind her that she is loved.

"You Are Loved" quilt.
This quilt was inspired by several other pixelated heart quilts...
 Each one is so gorgeous! How could I not make one, too? ;o)
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

love for Clara

This morning I just found out that one of my favourite designers, Sandi Henderson, gave birth to her much awaited third child, a beautiful little girl she named Clara.  Clara was born May 27th, with a congenital heart defect, pulmonary stenosis with an insufficient tricuspid.
   Family and friends have gathered to support Sandi and her family, with a couple of  fundraisers being set-up to help them out. 
Here's what I read via Pink Fig Designs (by Chelsea Andersen) on Facebook...

"Friends! Several designers have come together for a fundraiser for our friend and fellow designer Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie. She recently gave birth to a beautiful little girl she named Clara. Clara was born with heart defects and ...has needed open heart surgery and constant hospital care. She was delivered in Seattle Washington and is staying there for another month with her parents to be cared for and watched over, while her brother, sister and extended family patiently wait for her to return home to Montana. Funds raised will be donated to the Henderson family to help with medical costs, future travel to and from Montana to Washington, and to help their family get into a home of their own where they can live together and heal. Your donations will not only give you blessings, but a chance to win some fabulous prizes donated by designers."   
The blog:   for Sandi and Clara has been set up so you can find more details about what is being done to help out and for ways you can help, if you wish.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nearly Wordless Wednesday - WIP

Quilting on my Singer 201, using a walking foot attachment.

A little more progress

 has been made on that new quilt I shared with you a few days ago (click here).   The top has been pieced, the backing made and now we're onto basting! 
I feel a crazy joy for this quilt, not only in the colours, but in seeing the results of combining all those low volume fabrics for the background.  Since this quilt is a gift in the making, I don't want to give away the final layout just yet, which is why I'm only giving sneak peeks. ;o)

Want to see something else that has me dancing around on tippy toes?
 Maybe you will remember me mentioning that the mosaic  I entered at
was selected as a co-winner in their contest?
Here's the mosaic...
 and shown below is the recently received
 FQ bundle, sent from the lovely ladies at Mad About Patchwork as my prize!

Huge thank-you to Pam, Laura and Kaisa

Everything is so gorgeous!  I have not seen any of these fabrics in person before, so I was quite excited to receive them and marvel at how nicely they all look together.  Much arranging and admiring took place when I was making my mosaic for the contest, and more has taken place since the fabrics have arrived!  Oh, how I love to play with fabric and dream about what I will sew with them - has to be one of my most favourite things to do. :o)

Okay, I've got some deadlines to meet, so I best get cracking.  
Happy stitching!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Wings of whimsy

I've been waiting to show you how I finished the chevrons I made combining strips of quilting cottons with linen (shown here).   The last time I showed you a sneak peek, I was at the quilting stage.  I had so much fun using my vintage Singer 201 to free motion quilt swirls and circles using Aurifil 50wt. in colour #2835 (perfect colour match with the Sandi Henderson cotton).  The areas I wanted to emphasize were stitched multiple times - sort of a layering of threads to add colour onto the linen and to draw your eye to the design, just a bit more.

Once quilting was complete,   I added a zippered backing (using more Sandi Henderson fabric from my stash - oh, how I love her fabrics!) and then used some Kona in Pond to make binding.
I made not one,

but two cushion covers! 

What was with all that quilting of circles, swirls and such, anyways?

The idea was to stitch mirror images of the design, so that each cushion becomes one half of an picture.  Meaning that when placed together you will see...

 a butterfly!

Granted you have to look to see that each pillow is quilted as one half of a butterfly, but believe me, it's there.  Hindsight on this project is that I should either have quilted in heavier thread or simply stitched my design onto plain linen.  Next time, right? ;o)   That's not to say that I'm unhappy with this finish.  I love trying new ideas, such as those random chevrons, or trying a different style of quilting (I drew the butterfly on paper and then had to transfer the design onto the cushion cover for  my free motion quilting). 
 Last, but not least, I'm loving the pillow inserts I bought today, especially for these new covers (which is why I was waiting to share this finish). These are the duck down pillow inserts from IKEA (couldn't believe how inexpensive these are) and  I have to say how impressed I am with them.  All my other pillows have poly-fil inserts and although that works, I have to say, the down inserts add something extra - especially for larger sized pillows.  I'm glad I waited to show you this finish, because they looked rather sad before the down inserts.
I don't know about you, but I love a plump pillow. ;o)

Wishing you a happy weekend!
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday - beginning

I've got one block sewn for the new quilt using the fabrics I'd shown in my last post.  Along with those happy pink/orange/cerise colours, I've added in a mixture of low volume fabrics from my stash.  Some of those low volume fabrics are from a swap I participated in last year.  So glad to put them into this quilt!
As exciting as it is to see all the cut pieces up on my design wall,
I will be more excited to get this baby pieced.
This is the first time I've used a variety of low volume fabrics as a background on something larger than this wall hanging and I'm loving it!

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What are you working on today?

Monday, June 2, 2014

A great start to my week!

Despite the weather getting stormy here in preparation for a thunderstorm, I'm all smiles. I've started cutting fabric for a new quilt and am smitten with the mix of values and prints.  Love when all that fabric stashing pays off. ;o) 
The inspiration for this palette is the Wee Wander print called "Summer Ride" that is shown fussy cut in the middle.
 I've still got some cutting to do for background fabrics and then everything will be auditioned on my design wall. ;o)  Can hardly wait to get the layout underway!
I also had the loveliest surprise this morning from Laura at
telling me my fabric bundle mosaic is a co-winner with Marika's in the Mosaic Contest.  The fabrics we chose for our mosaics have been combined into one bundle,  available as this week's featured Monday Mosaic, called "Global Brights". 
I'm so excited to be receiving a FQ set of these lovelies as my prize for being one of the winners in the contest.
  Thank you, Pam & Laura!
(P.S. make sure to visit the Mad About Patchwork blog for a promo code for free shipping this week)
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