A little more progress

 has been made on that new quilt I shared with you a few days ago (click here).   The top has been pieced, the backing made and now we're onto basting! 
I feel a crazy joy for this quilt, not only in the colours, but in seeing the results of combining all those low volume fabrics for the background.  Since this quilt is a gift in the making, I don't want to give away the final layout just yet, which is why I'm only giving sneak peeks. ;o)

Want to see something else that has me dancing around on tippy toes?
 Maybe you will remember me mentioning that the mosaic  I entered at
was selected as a co-winner in their contest?
Here's the mosaic...
 and shown below is the recently received
 FQ bundle, sent from the lovely ladies at Mad About Patchwork as my prize!

Huge thank-you to Pam, Laura and Kaisa

Everything is so gorgeous!  I have not seen any of these fabrics in person before, so I was quite excited to receive them and marvel at how nicely they all look together.  Much arranging and admiring took place when I was making my mosaic for the contest, and more has taken place since the fabrics have arrived!  Oh, how I love to play with fabric and dream about what I will sew with them - has to be one of my most favourite things to do. :o)

Okay, I've got some deadlines to meet, so I best get cracking.  
Happy stitching!


  1. New quilt. New fabric. Life is good!

  2. I agree with the other Susan- new fabric and a new quilt- happiness all round!

  3. The quilt top is looking mighty fine so far, even though we're only getting a little peek - maybe if we told the intended recipient not to peek, you could post a bigger picture? ;)

    The fabrics from Mad About Patchwork are really pretty - especially the fabric with the orange background and bow-tied flowers - it's such a nice collection!

  4. Congrats on a well deserved win. Even without seeing the whole top, I can see why the colours in this quilt are giving you a kind of crazy joy. They're doing the same for me.

  5. Reading in reverse here - love how the LV fabrics play with the pink and orange. This is my kind of quilt - too much to hope that it's coming my way?haha


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