Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm supposed to be working on our business taxes...
Love the colours in this pretty stack of fabric and  couldn't resist bringing out my Singer Featherweight for a photo or two.

but took advantage of a spot of sunshine to snap photos of fun stuff in my sewing room, instead.

My Singer 15-91... aka "Belle".
At least I have pretty things to  look at while I work on those taxes. ;o)  Happy Monday!


  1. Yes you do have pretties to look at. And your design wall looks fun too!

  2. I am making flying geese right now too!

  3. oh they will be lovely to play with.........

  4. Hi Katherine! Looks beautiful! Once again you have delicious colours on your desing wall! x Teje

  5. lovely pics...a distraction that is picture perfect

  6. I guess the Radha-Krishna meditations advocate for spam, pfft. Some people's kids ;)

    Love the stack of fabric and the view of the design wall - FW looks like a perfect summer sewing machine - she goes well with the colours! ;) Glad I don't have to work on taxes - that would cut into sewing and internet time :D

  7. Thanks for the photos of your room. It's bright, colourful and cheerful....just like you.


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