Monday, December 21, 2009

Hat Parade

I did warn you that now that I drafted a hat pattern I liked, that I would be making more. Three hats in one week and a fourth one waiting to be stitched together.

My red hat is made from a wool blend using the first design I drafted.

Once again I kept the details simple, using only topstitching with a single button on the hat band to add interest.

My second new design has more whimsy to it, partly because I couldn't resist using Kaffe Fassett fabric for the hat band, brim and self cover button (on the top of the hat).

I have been having so much fun stitching up hats to coordinate with my work wardrobe! My co-workers have started asking me to make them hats as well and I have been good naturedly teased about what hat I will make to wear for my next working day. Any guesses what colour is next up for me to sew?


  1. I'll guess green :o) I love the cheeky look in your eye in that last picture! Your hats are brill..

  2. I love that last one.... looks wow on you!

    I think you've got the makings of turning that idea into something bigger, if you'd choose. I think you'd have a following out there.

  3. Your hats are lovely. I always envy people that can wear hats. I have a so-called non-hat-head!
    You’re next might be blue...?

    I owe you a reply to your lovely email! Will get to that soonest!!

    Hugs and a very merry Christmas!

  4. Really cute!
    You are definitely a "hat person".

    What's next? hmmmm....maybe a navy plaid. It seems to be a fun trend this season.

    Kimberly :)

  5. All of your hats are so cool Katherine!


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