Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet treat

It's been another gorgeous week - lots of sunshine and warmer than average temps.  I really want it to last another couple of months or so, it's been so glorious!   Knowing that it can't go on like this indefinitely, sure makes you appreciate it all the more.  Another thing I'm appreciating right now, is having the end of my work week at home.  Between catching up on the household, I'm taking time to finish some WIPS, prepare for the next blog hop AND savour some fabric treats that made their way here.  Case in point... those yummy Flea Market Fancy pretties, pictured below.  So much more gorgeous in person.  I could take a bite of them, they're that sweet! lol
My first taste of Flea Market Fancy!  I have a special project to make from these beauties that I will be sharing soon....

A little update...

***Thanks to everyone interested in the  UR Priceless Blog Hop! 
 Sign-ups are closed  and participants should have received all the information they will need to start sewing their own coin purses for the hop.  If, by any chance you did not receive that email from me, please let me know. ***


  1. Wow those fabric.... I LOVE Denyse S 's designs.

  2. I love Flea Market Fancy - I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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