Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Garden Green Sampler Tote

I purchased a drapery sample book at a charity sale for a measly 10cents, knowing I would find a project for all those coordinating cottons. I cut the samples into strips,
stitched and quilted them together to make the tote bag .Yes, this is the tote I posted about previously. I removed the super stiff fusible interfacing and decided to use quilt batting for the pieced upper part of the tote. I only used the super stiff interfacing as an insert in the very bottom of the tote, to give it some shape.
A D-ring is attached to the tote inside for me to clip my keys to.

A heart shaped zipper stop was a fun detail for the top of the tote.

Corduroy acquired from a thrift store visit, makes up the bottom, the handles and the zipper boxing along the top.

Three zippers, also thrifted finds, were used. The blurry shot below shows the zippered pocket in the lining (also made from thrifted fabric).

It is so gratifying (and economical) to re purpose materials like these. I still have some fabric remaining from that sample book, so I think a small matching pouch is needed to go with my new tote. ;o)


  1. What a great and clever work, Katherine!
    What difference can make an interfacing!
    The coin purse is so pretty!
    As far I understood Kool-Aid is something you use to add water and then drink - is it true? or have I understood everything wrong?
    Go slowly! Take care :))

  2. Gorgeous, Katherine. I can picture you heading out for the day with your lunch tucked up in there. ;-) Talk about making something from nothing. Love it.

  3. You are so talented!! Your bag is gorgeous! I have got to learn to do that!! I have patterns, I have fabric, I have performance anxiety. sheesh! lol

    Truly, it's beautiful!

  4. That really does look like a grocery bag. The colours are perfect. I love working with curtain samples too. As I live in a tiny town there is no major material shop so curtain samples a re my only cheap form of fabric. Cherrie

  5. Happy that you solve the interfacing problem. Fantastic result,...nice.

  6. You clever woman!! Such an innovative and creative bag!

    Those sampler books are great. I have some with linnen and silk... Thanks for reminding me!

    And... baie dankie for your visits!
    I’m an absolutely poor visitor lately!

  7. The bag looks great, you did a very good work! I'm still wondering how got the interfacing out, everything looks so neat!

  8. What a lovely bag - such pretty fabric! The drapery samples were a bargain.

  9. Your tote is beautiful. The whole interfacing/batting issue can get complicated. I think you found the perfect solution.



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