Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Happy New Year!

I hope you have been enjoying this special time of year. I certainly have and maybe, like me, you've also taken a bit of a break. :o)  Time to reflect, time to dream and time to just "be" is so important, and yet, sometimes so hard to fit into our busy lives.  I wanted to make sure I took some time during the holiday season to just slow down and be in the moment, to be mindful.  Now, I'm easing into the New Year, full of plans, ideas and energy.  It's exciting! :o)

How fun to look back at the quilts I finished this past year!
1. Designers Choice2. Orange Twirl,  3. Summer Sparkler,
4. Pop Star,  5. Cherry Blossoms,  6. ManDarin,
  7. QBAM, 8. Garden Plot, 9. Cacophony

2013 was a good year, in so many ways.  I feel so thankful for this past year and for all of the experiences (fun things like entering the Emerald Challenge and placing 3rd with my "Garden Plot" entry... or joining in 3 quilt alongs and the Zakka along) and possibilities (such sharing a free design in a sponsored blog hop and being encouraged by your interest in my pattern) it brought my way.  It was an amazing year!

Lots of fun sewing in 2013... here's a small sample...
1. Modern Maples Blocks, 2. Mini Granny Square Blocks, 3. Embroidery Pouch, 4. Scrappy Mini Notecards, 5. Prettified Pincushion, 6. Scrappy Gift Tags

   I believe 2013 flew by because I was having so much fun participating and making new friends! I want to thank you for being a part of the good that happened this past year.  It means so much to have a global circle of friends to share and learn with.  I appreciate each and every time you kindly stop here to visit and for sharing and be so inspiring  on your own blogs.  What a wonderfully creative and generous community to be a part of!
Wishing you each and all, a year filled with goodness!


  1. Happy New Year Katherine! Here's hoping for a a fabricy sewy inspired 2014!

  2. Your projects are always so inspiring and beautiful! Here's to seeing more of you in 2014...Happy New Year!

  3. Your orange twirl is strongly in my mind for my Kaffe Fabrics - I love it! Hi Katherine! So great to see your mosaics! Your year was indeed great with so much beautiful work! x Teje

  4. Happy New Year, Katherine! Although I have most of the Christmas decor put away as of yesterday, the pillow I made from your pattern is still on the loveseat. I'm thinking of a way to make it in florals, with a different word in the center. Or even another four-patch block. It's a great pattern.

  5. Your mosaics are inspirational! I need to go back and check out that QBAM?!

  6. What a beautiful year you've had! My favourite is still your impromptu along. That yellow background still pulls at my heart x

  7. Wishing all the best for you, my dear friend!
    Tomorrow is it one year since we first started to write to each other!
    It has been a year full of inspiration of funny way to use scraps;-)
    Just love your works!!!


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