Thursday, June 26, 2008

Girly Good

I have a love for flowers. Fresh may be best, but I cannot resist collecting some to be dried to then be used as potpourri or for dried arrangements.
These wild rose buds are a part of my floral stash (yes, I collect more things than fabric!) that were begging to be used.

I got out my beads and began stitching
some rose coloured lovelies onto a bit of organza
and I made a sweet smelling sachet for a gift.
Sparkly beads, sweet smelling flowers and sheer fabric combine to make a girly good treat.


  1. Oh Katherine! Your rosebud sachet turned out so pretty!
    I've only done a little bit of bead embellishing...don't you get me started on a new kick, now. LOL

    You see what a machine embroidering junkie I've turned into. :)

  2. that sachet is so pretty! what time you must have to have done that! i don't think i will be able to take up this hobby any time soon- since i can't even find much time for the hobbies i already have!

  3. Your sachet looks great - love that bead embellishment!

  4. What a wonderful idea, the sachet is so sweet with all the beeds. I used to dried flowers when I did papermaking.

  5. Your sachet is so pretty, the beads are just the right embellishment!
    Patching, quilting, stitching, collecting, beading...Is there anything you don't do?!

  6. So pretty!
    Always giving new ideas, Katherine!
    I have some beads but I think we must have lots of patience and perseverance to work with little beads, isn't it? Some day...

  7. that is so beautiful and so feminine! nice job, Katherine!

  8. Those are beautiful Katherine! You could run a weekly craft workshop with all of your wonderful ideas and creations :-)


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