Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Edith's charms...

It was mentioned that my last post was a bit of a teaser. I basically showed outside pictures of Edith and of a couple of indoor shots. Today I thought I could share some of the unique details inside that have charmed me. Top of the list would be these windows which are located halfway up the stairs to the second story...

and despite accumulated years of paint, they still open! These windows were the first thing I cleaned. I couldn't resist them.
This old fashioned light fixture is in the upstairs hallway and to our delight, it actually works.
I found two styles of metal heating vent covers. I really wish that they hadn't been painted through the years.

Edith still has original doors and many of her doors have this style of antique doorknob. Not all of them are lock style doorknobs such as this one found in the kitchen (my husband has joked that I could lock our hungry teens out of the kitchen to prevent their late night food raids....;o)
Edith is around a hundred years old, so her original floors were hardwood. Unfortunately, some have been carpeted over and the other parts that are uncovered are in desperate need of refinishing, but I found this bit of flooring in fairly nice shape located in a bedroom closet.

This shot shows half of the sliding French doors that separate the dining room from the living room ( and reveal that we truly haven't unpacked).
Here's the door that separates the living from the front foyer (or in our case from the room where we store outdoor gear, such as bikes and garden hoses ;o).
This lovely trio of hinged windows is located at the front of Edith on the second floor and is actually the smaller set of windows in this room. Lots of natural light in this upstairs room.
Now you've had a peek at the interior of Edith and maybe you can understand why I have been charmed by her. You might also be more confused now by my statement that we would be leaving her.
For starters, I will say that we don't own Edith. She was offered as a rental home to my husband by some friends through his new employment, to give us somewhere to live immediately. Dear Edith had been sitting vacant and was more than spacious enough for a family of four. My husband had emailed photos of Edith to me before we moved and I readily (if somewhat eagerly) agreed to start out in Edith. It made the thought of moving easier to have a house waiting for us. Perhaps, if you're all not sick of my talk about Edith, I could share more details about our situation tomorrow.


  1. Something with so much charm and original features can also bring trouble as things aren't quite up to I warm? Hope you find something soon..

    Take care,


  2. I won’t be bored reading about Edith. Wonderful to see the old details and such a shame she was not maintained properly... and I’m awfully curious about the outcome... did you stay...?

  3. I'm hanging on every word....Edith's Story: A New Beginning

  4. In fact Edith has so many little (and great) beautiful things that's a pity not to be restored - i believe that costs a lot of money... :(

    I'm sure soon you'll find something beautiful too.


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