Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Simple Baby Blanket

It never ceases to amaze me how the simplest projects are often the most gratifying. This baby blanket is a prime example.

A plain piece of pink flannel that I bound with binding made from the remainders of a thrifted sheet. Simple and easy.

(please excuse this shot of a gravity defying chair... just focus on the pretty binding on the blanket, okay?)


  1. Oh how pretty. I'm going to be making some baby blankets for donation and adding a binding like that would really make them special.

    And I love the shot of the gravity defying chair... and your comment made me smile. :o)

  2. Sometimes simple things are the best!!

    Love the embroidery and the blue knitted cables!!

  3. You are doing lovely things, Katherine!
    Knitting, embroidery, the apron...(I'm updating my readings) and now this baby blanket, just lovely!

  4. I made a blanket like this late last year:
    It is a great project and, I agree, truly satisfying.
    Andi :-)

  5. I love it! I think I may have to do something similar for my little one :-)

  6. Very pretty! Perfect gift for a baby shower.

  7. Katherine, Now that's cute! I just sent your link to this posting to my mom. She makes quilts and baby blankets, and I thought she'd enjoy seeing your simple, but lovely, creation!

  8. I love that blanket! So simple yet so very pretty. Perfect for a new little one!

  9. that blanket is so sweet & simple, i love it!


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