Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy 2010!
Sounds so space age and futuristic, doesn't it? I can hardly believe that is the year we're now in. Wow.
How has your new year started off? Big plans for the upcoming months? Did you make resolutions at the year's start? I don't exactly, but I do like to take the time to map out some goals and think about what I want the year to include. Right now, all that stuff is still floating about in my head. I must get it down on paper - especially all my quilt ideas for the upcoming months. ;o)

The holidays zipped by so quickly, but they were oh-s0-wonderful. I spent lots of time with my family, just being. We keep things pretty low-keyed, which means I feel rested and relaxed. It will be strange heading back to work after having a couple of weeks off, because I've enjoyed the slower pace. Although, I will admit that I'm just like a kid heading back to school after a break, it's all about seeing my friends again. During my time off, I was able to make it to my local fabric store and these lovelies made their way home with me....

I was so excited to find these Joel Dewberry prints and then discover they were 50% off. What a treat!The last time I posted here, I mentioned that I had another hat on the go. Here is the latest new hat I wore to work in 2009. Same pattern as the brown one and the red wool one. I used a drapery weight cotton blend to make this one. I reversed the fabric for the crown of the cap and for the upper band. I like this bit of contrast. I do think I should have interfaced this fabric because it's quite a bit softer in structure compared to my previous attempts.

I hope you're not getting sick of seeing hats... that's right, you guessed it, I'm working on one right now and have plans for some more. I think part of the appeal of hat making is the short turn around time. A few hours in the evening and the next day I'm wearing it!

Hope your 2010 is off to a great start!


  1. Good to hear you had a wonderful Holiday Season and was able to relax a bit!

    No real 2010 resolutions here... just trying to stop procastinating and hesitating and live every day to the full.

    Love your hats, I won’t get sick of seeing them...LOL!

    And those fabrics... gorgeous!

  2. Happy New YEar Katherine!

    I get the hat love thing - instant gratification and something wearable are a pretty addictive combination!!

  3. So it must be true...a girl can never have too many hats? ;-)

  4. Happy new year to you too
    You are an expert!
    and the fabrics are sooooo pretty.
    Have a great weekend, Katherine!

  5. 愛情是盲目的,但婚姻恢復了它的視力。.........................

  6. Pretty fabrics and love the new hat!
    Gotta love the instant gratification of a quick sewing project. :-)


  7. I was just popping in to see what you have been up to and I can see it has been HATS! how great is that! I am loving the red one... I think it is my favorite. I wish I was a hat girl, but I never feel like I can pull it off!


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