Friday, December 10, 2010

Where's my chocolate?

I have all the makings for some creative time with my machine.  New and fun fabric (which was on sale),

and some long awaited "chick flicks" from the library.  (How odd is it to be on hold for months waiting and then have all three titles become available to me on the same day?)

Really, all that's missing now, is some good quality dark chocolate.  Everyone knows how extra creative good chocolate can make you. ;o)


  1. I send you some virtual dark chocolate. What do you prefer? With orange, mint, ginger or pistache??

  2. Okay m'dear... what's your favourite kind? (dark chocolate, I mean).

  3. I do love all chocolate... and I love your seat covers in your previous post. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I'll be following you now!!! Hope you have a wonderful time enjoying your beautiful fabric and movies! Oh, and some dark chocolate too!!!

  4. wow, you can actually sew AND watch telly! Sometimes I get so engrossed in my sewing that I get dehydrated so never mind watching a film at the same time lol Have a great time, these are good romantic comedies ^_^ Virginie


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