Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old is New

Meet the newest addition to my sewing room, a Singer 15-91 from the 1940's.  I'm calling this little beauty, Belle.

For the past 10 years, Belle was  hidden in her cabinet because no one in the house knew how to use her.  Her original owner chose to sell her along with the house they shared, so Belle was left behind.  The vintage loving new owner gave Belle a place of prominence as a pretty table to place vases of flowers on and now that owner is moving.

Imagine my delight after months of researching for just the right new member to welcome into my sewing circle, on finding Belle.  Her first owner was definitely a keen sewist because not only was Belle in fantastic shape for her age, but she has a number of special attachments.

Here she is with the zig-zag attachment.

Keen as I was to test Belle's abilities, I made a wee sampler of some of her zig zag capabilities (jotting down settings will make successful repeats more likely to happen ;o).  Call it fun with a purpose.

Having always had an electronic sewing machine, I had never experienced using a buttonhole attachment that worked using cams. 

 Belle, went right to work on making gorgeous buttonholes!  I'm so smitten with her.  I sought her out to be used specifically as my quilt piecing machine, but am delighted to discover she is capable of much more than great straight stitching.

I have more attachments for her and many ideas of projects I will make using them.  Chances are I'll be sharing some soon.   First things first though, I put her into action making an improv style piece to be used to recover the padded stool that came with her.   How fun to make a modern quilting project using a vintage machine!

I'm pretty sure that Belle is not going to find any vases of flowers on top of her, anytime soon!


  1. Katherine, what a pretty machine Belle is! I got one last year also, but I don't have the zig-zag or the buttonhole attachments. Have fun with her!


  2. Welcome to your new home Belle!! Your beeeautiful!!!

    I remember Mum had an old Singer machine that used cams for the button holes and I agree they make GORGEOUS button holes!

    Quiltingly Yours

  3. I want to say that I enjoy reading your blog every day! My mom has this exact 1940's Singer sewing machine!! My grandpa (her father) used to pedal Singer sewing machines. He is the one that sat with me while I made my first dress, and helped to teach me to sew. Her machine doesn't have the attachments that I know of (though it may). Belle is a beauty! Enjoy her!

  4. Oh Belle is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I am totally in awe! My Aunt Helen, a marvellous seamstress, always has commented that they don't make sewing machines like your Belle anymore. She says if you ever get a chance to own one of those heavy iron Singers... well you've got yourself a real prize!!! She, along with my sewing machine repair guy, always comment about lovely machines like Belle. Lucky you!!! Katherine, you have yourself a real prize!!!

  5. Oh you are so lucky to find one in such good condition, a real little gem. I am sure you are going to really enjoy doing projects together and I can't wait to see the results..

  6. I think Belle is also very lucky and happy to be at your home! Old sewing machines have a especial charm! Have a nice time together!

  7. What a fantastic find!! so lucky to come in this condition and extra feet and all. Plus it looks great in a room. Gorgeous!!

  8. Wow! What a fantastic find! I am wowed that it still works so well!

  9. What a lovely machine. And I am sure that Belle has finally relaxed into finding a welcoming home!

  10. Hyperventilating here and starting to SWOON..... Belle has won my heart!!!!

  11. Belle is just lovely!
    And the button hole attachment is fantastic.

    You'll have fun with her. :-)


  12. Wow! What a beauty! I'd love to hear the full story on how you found Belle. (somehow hoping your luck would rub off on me!)


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