Saturday, August 18, 2012

Hoping to sew and hopping along...

Since yesterday was my birthday, and I ended up working a 12+hour day assisting my husband in a custom kitchen installation... I feel the weekend should be dedicated to sewing.  I've got a little project underway, a gift for a friend, that I really want to finish.

I'm kinda of excited because I think she will like this...

Now you know why I was using my ruffler attachment the other day...;o)

Meantime, I  will visit a few new friends and see what they've been sewing for Day #6 ...

August 18th
I hope you've been hopping along and leaving comments when you visit.  You know that there will be some giveaways along the way... plus the chance to win some prizes at the end of the hop?  You don't want to miss out!
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  1. I love the ruffle AND the colors--lucky friend!

  2. Leo's are the best.......happy birthday........

  3. So glad you will get some sewing in today. Have fun!

  4. Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katherine from HOT france

  5. Hello Katherine...I know your birthday was on Friday..I know that but I didn't even call..what is up with that?
    But I know you did get something to say I think of you often...Hope this will be a year that is extra special...ohhhh and those them..and the they are not bowls...? lol

  6. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday! I had mine at the beginning of Aug and today I'm off to a quilting friends celebration!
    loved you bowl with borders and you smart flex bag (the 2nd one) great fabric!
    Cathy R
    sorry no blog

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Katherine! I hope you got to enjoy your weekend of sewing.

  8. I'm sorry I missed your special day, but I hope you can appreciate that the wishes are as real and sincere... and with added interest for a wonderful, simply wonderful year ahead!

    May you catch glimpses of beauty and sewing ideas in lots of unexpected places!


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