Monday, January 14, 2013

Cautionary tale...

I'm going to start this post with a warning: 
 the following photos may induce feelings of nausea.
Okay, you've been warned and I can proceed. lol
Seeing the wonderful scrappy trip along blocks that have been appearing all over blogland in the past couple of weeks had me running for my sewing room and grabbing out fabric with glee. 
 I thought this block would allow me to get some mileage out of odds and ends as well as putting to use some of my less "loved" fabrics (which means ones I don't really like and want to use up ;o).
Anyways, after looking through the Flickr group, I thought everyone's blocks looked so fantastic. 
It appears that this Trip Around the World block is magical! It could transfer "whatever" fabric- into something beautiful. 
 I decided that other than to take note that as long as I remembered to have a contrast in value with my own fabric choices (so I would see the diagonal flow of each block) I would go for broke and be as random as possible.
Going against my usual fabric choices and inclination for order, I took a deep breath and cut with abandon. 
I told myself not to overanalyze my choices, to just let go and trust that the ultimate scrappiness would win me over and surprise me.
Suprise me?
Yes, it did.
Not in a good way! lol
See for yourself...
I stopped at four. I had too. 
 No scrappy magic here. lol 
Not wanting to be too harsh or judgmental after being brave... (or is that crazy?) I  thought that after a late nite of sewing them, that they may look better to me in the morning.
Maybe they would look better grouped together, forming that desired diamond?
Still yucky.
They are now off my design wall, so I don't have to look at them. lol
My family's response? 
 Initially, raised eyebrows, then intent looks in my direction.
Popular opinion?
Not one of us likes them.
Okay, so my grand plan of just using whatever fabrics I laid my hands on has been derailed.
Despite my initial failed attempt at making attractive scrappy blocks, 
 I quite like the block design.  Actually, I love it. 
  I think the lesson of my tale is to PLAN those trips.  That way Gravol won't be required to settle my stomach afterwards. :o)
Once my eyes stop crossing and my stomach gets settled  I  will start tripping again.


  1. Ha ha, my experience was the same, but I love your blocks so much better than mine. I really do! We’re some kind of scrappy quilters!

    On Leanne’s blog (Shecanquilt) I read that she also had found it hard to work scrappy because she misses the negative spaces and that’s what got me thinking!

  2. I think the problem is that your fabrics are all so fine and full of pattern.
    There "must" be at least some fabrics that are dull, to make the other lock fab.

  3. The pictures on Flickr look great, I understand why you wanted to try this yourself. Maybe an overdoses of these these blocks together does the trick of making it beautiful. You just didn't make enough!

  4. I don't think they are horrible at all. I think everyone thinks their blocks are not necessairly the best but once you put them all together, they somehow work. I like your blocks and think you should just keep going.

  5. I agree! they are lovely blocks & you should make more. I did the same as you, used up fabrics I didn't want any more, and I love my end result. Don't give up!

  6. I can see a dimaond shape forming, have you tried turning the blocks a 100 ways yet lol!it looks fine & I believe you'll be happy with it in the end

  7. You are too funny :) The blocks are great - I think what hits me is the green, maybe it was too many greens?? Hope the queasiness goes away soon ;)

  8. I totally didn't get that this was supposed to be 'planned' scrappiness when I started, so my palette is a bit "not me" shall we say. But I'm finding the more I do, it's ok. I agree - you just need more blocks.

  9. More blocks is the way ahead, my first few were the lightbulb moment of contrast, and choosing fabrics you love! But, I'm still having trouble loving mine even though its done, way busier than I would normally make!

  10. The blocks are great, you just need more, the more you have the more the pattern will show up, don't give up, keep going, relax and stay scrappy,

  11. Ha, you did make me laugh. I am planning my own mini tripalong but I shall heed you wise words!

  12. I think the blocks look great too. Once you have them surrounded by others they will all look great, The bright cheery fabrics will all go together in the end. Keep up the great blocks

  13. Well, who would have guessed. I like the fabrics and thought they looked good together but they probably need more unity if you aren't happy with them.

  14. Oh dear...I think you just need to make more then the effect would work.. good luck :o)


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