Sunday, March 24, 2013

Modern Low Volume Swap

Looking to add some low volume fabrics to your stash? 
 I am!  So I was thrilled to discover that Rebecca has a new swap started that is all about low volume fabrics.
Want to join the fun?  Don't delay as the sign-up spots are filling fast...
Low Volume Swap Icon
I'm feeling double lucky today...
 as not only did I make the sign-ups for the swap
I was able to use the gift certificate that came as my prize in the Emerald Challenge to buy my fabric.
Seemed like a bit of serendipity to me. ;o)
Want to see what I chose as my low volume fabric for the swap?....
Carolyn Friedlander Architextures Trees Grey
I'm pretty excited about the prospect of having an assortment of low volume fabrics to work with for some projects that have been tumbling around in my mind.
  Hooray for swaps!


  1. I'm in the swap. Love that we are doing 10" squares and that Rebecca is keeping it to a workable number this time so she doesn't have all the problems she did last time.

  2. Hooray for swaps indeed. I'm in the swap too and admire Rebecca for doing it again and specifying exactly what she wants. I love the fabric you have chosen BTW.

  3. I love your fabric choice, I am in too. Now to decide which fabric....!
    I think the 10" size is great too.


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