Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Naughty me...

Guess what can happen when you're home sick, without the energy to sew?
You may succumb to some online fabric shopping!
That's my excuse for my latest round of stash enhancing. ;o) 
Naughty me!
Look what arrived in my mailbox (so far... yes, there was more than one order placed for fabric)....
Text and low - volume fabrics.  Yum!
Some fat quarters and some yardage of Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander - I've been dreaming of owning some of these for a while. This hand picked FQ selection gives me an initial taste of this fun line.  Now that I've seen it in person, I want some more yardage of specific prints.  Oh, oh! See that first print on the left?  It will become binding for my Pop Star quilt. Happy day! 

A few more low-volume fabrics for some planned projects.
You may have noticed, I've been on a low-volume fabric kick lately.  I've been looking and pinning various fabrics that catch my eye. 
 Lucky for me, I happened upon quite a few from this (new to me) fabric shop - including two Zen Chic prints (which are so popular that they're getting harder to find).  Yay!

Love how Tula Pinks Birds and the Bees coordinates with V & Co. Simply Color

Next came fat quarters in an array of blues and greens as well as a few choices in pinks -  all went into my shopping cart as they were too irresistible to not order. 
 Such yummy colours!
Some Dear Stella and Simply Color
 Fat quarters are lovely size to try out a fabric.
 Sometimes, it's hard ordering without seeing the fabrics in person, first.
 Sometimes, it all looks so good, but the budget says, rein in those impulses!
  However, buying a fat quarter, I find I can sample more fabrics than if I was only buying in yards.  Win, win.
Unfortunately, not all online shops offer you the choice to buy a quarter of a yard of fabric in either 9" x WOF  OR 18" x 22".  This shop does...
Want to know where I found all these fabric delights?
This was my initial purchase from Karen's lovely shop, but I know it won't be my last.
Sometimes being naughty can be very good. ;o)


  1. Love every last FQ that you bought!!!

  2. Wow! what a delight to look at!

  3. Yes! It is dangerous shopping on line for fabric. I do it when I finished school work and always think that I need to reward myself. :) Love all the fabric you have here.. The print of the comma is really fun!

  4. I think you feel now much better - can't wait to sew or what! Lots of beautiful fabrics, enjoy! I'll go to see the shop ... or shouldn't I?
    x Teje

  5. The first ones are fabulous!!! That's also my 'problem' living in the French countryside, there are no fabric shops so you need to go on line!!!!!!

  6. Oh, Katherine!
    I thought I was ready with shopping fabrics for this spring, but now I just have to check some fabrics of the ones that you showed!!!
    Girl, they are fantastic!
    Have to have some of the blue/greens!

  7. Oooh, such gorgeous fabrics. My will power tends to go out the window when faced with purchasing fabric.

  8. Such lovely fabrics! There are going to be some pretty new projects in your future.

  9. OHHH I love that Tula Pink. Just the turquoise I have been looking for. And how fun to mix collections and see them play well together!

  10. Great fabrics!! Hope you are feeling better soon :)


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