Sunday, June 9, 2013

When I seem to be MIA (from blogland)...

it's because I'm helping my husband take this
Cabinets for installation as they arrive on the jobsite.  Everything needs to be unwrapped, organized and have all doors/drawers/shelves removed before we start installing.

and this

The  kitchen before we start.

 to make this. ;o)

The kitchen when we're finished!

The job of installing this kitchen and 2 bathrooms (not shown) for this house, took us all of Friday to install.
  It was the smallest as well as the third install of the week.  Whew. What a week!
Besides work, I had a few happy surprises happen within the week.  Two different emails letting me know I'd won gift certificates to online fabric shops (one as a part of Quilt Festival and the other having ManDarin selected as project of the weekand another letting me know I'd won some scraps of a soon-to-be-released fabric line from a lovely designer
Talk about improving my work week and making me feel very, very thankful! ;o)  I'm walking on air and a little shell-shocked.  The timing couldn't be better though, as I'm needing to find some backing fabric for the quilts I'm working on. I can hardly wait to do a little fabric shopping at
Sprightly Fabrics  and at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Those gift certificates will be a big help.  Thanks so much to both of them and to Zen Chic for their generosity.
 Busy as I was with helping install this week,  I did manage to make time  to do a little sewing.

I stitched some blocks for the quilt in the Impromptu along and now that I have time on my weekend for sewing, I hope to have more progress to show.  We've got rain again, so I can't think of a better way to spend a part of my Sunday. Hope to catch up on my blog reading too... I've fallen behind....

Wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. You and the hubs have done an amazing job with the kitchen - you must be exhausted! Congrats on your wins and your happy mail - enjoy spending those certificates :)

  2. Wow, whata job. The kitchen looks great
    What do MIA means,????

  3. Great kitchen and you were very busy. I was MIA too as I took off to ONtario for 4 days


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