Tuesday, July 9, 2013

As promised...

Quick update to let you know that I have found a new home for the tutorial to sew my
 Mini Back Pack Coin Purse and Key chain design.
I have it in PDF format on

You will need a membership (which is free) to be able to download my pattern.
 for pattern.

How about some tiny coloured pencils to go with that back pack? ;o)


  1. Katherine, those mini-backpacks are so stinkin' adorable...!

  2. Thanks so much for the cute pattern! Don't know when I'll be making it, but it sure would be great for gifting. Thanks!

  3. You are the best with zippers...and blue so true to you

  4. Too cute! Thanks for the pattern!

  5. Too cute for words! And with one of my favourite colours!

  6. How cute is that!! Oh, my goodness!!


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