Thursday, September 19, 2013

Proof that I love a good sale...

I've been gearing up for some fall sewing and I'm pretty excited to get underway.
Last month I discovered and immediately subscribed.  My timing couldn't have been better, because a few days later,  I received  an email giving me a 20% discount on my total purchase of anything they sell, as my birthday gift from them. That's a great birthday present, don't you agree?
 Wahoo!  Nothing like a discount to get me fabric shopping!
I  began exploring nearly every page of their online store, filling my virtual shopping cart over and over (I call this virtual window shopping ;o) before making my final choices.  It was tough!  Since the quilting bug bit me a few years ago, I tend to fabric shop for quilting cottons, but also carries LOTS of lovely fabric for apparel.
  Realizing what a wonderful opportunity this was, I went looking for the perfect fabric  to try out  these Vogue dress patterns I found on sale locally.  Serendipity, no? ;o)
Here's a peek at a couple of my choices...
 How about pairing this jersey cotton/lycra knit from Robert Kaufman with a Donna Karan dress design?  Yes, please! 
The fabric is so soft and lovely,  you would never think that it's a knit fabric when you look at it, as the print looks dimensional.  Paired with this pattern, I'm thinking this dress not only will  this be really comfy to wear, it will certainly add a little style and fun. ;o)

The second dress pattern calls for linen, so I couldn't resist trying this beautiful print from Anna Maria Horner.  It's so gorgeous!
Now you have some idea why I'm quite excited to get some fall sewing done!  How gratifying to find a shop that sells such a wide variety of apparel fabrics.  I'm hard pressed to find things I like locally, which is part of the reason why I haven't been sewing clothes for a while.  The other reason would be the cost -  but in this instance I will end up with 3 dresses for under $100.  My wardrobe really could use the boost these will give.  Admittedly, that's not all I have planned to sew for myself this fall.  I've already started cutting out fabric for a few other garments.  Yay!  None too soon either, with the weather seeming to change overnight (our furnace kicked on this morning... a definite sign of colder weather ahead).  Time to get my muslins done and then I will be diving in with the  special "birthday fabric".  Stay tuned....
  Just a reminder...
 Have you had a chance to check out the sale this week at Craftsy?

I've been looking at several of their classes, trying to decide - there's so many choices, but time is running out on the sale prices, so I need to make my decision soon!  

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  1. I love those wrap around dress patterns - they're comfy, and look great! Nice fabric choices -- I checked out - I wish online websites would make it easier/simpler to calculate shipping to Canada though - that's a pet peeve of mine :D


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