Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter is here!

Autumn is now a memory with 2 snowfalls happening within a week of one another. All this pretty white outdoors,
has me reaching for colourful, seasonal fabrics indoors. ;o)
  I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone, playing with some ideas
and stitching with some new threads. 
My recently finished embroidery pouch is right in the action... and I couldn't be happier with how it's keeping me organized and ready to stitch.

 Nothing like colder weather and shorter daylight hours to make me appreciate every minute I get in my cozy sewing room.  Fingers crossed I'll have some finishes to share soon!


  1. Your snow picture is beautiful, but I can certainly wait till it finds me here in Michigan!

  2. I love a snow day, perfect for stitching. The Christmas blocks look great, what will it be?

  3. I'm hoping for a snow-free winter - it COULD happen, couldn't it? Probably not, LOL. I'll whine and complain about whatever we get, and will hibernate as much as possible :) I really am NOT looking forward to The Arrival of The White :/

  4. I'm not liking the weather much either, and the dark days, yuck. I guess if we can't beat them, join them by stitching the days away!

  5. I'm like you as I watch the ice advance across our lake this morning... it's always sunny in my quilting room and I keep those bright fabrics close at hand !

  6. It's definitely the season to stay cozy indoors. Playing with pretty fabrics is always fun. Love the glimpses of your WIP.

  7. Looks like some gret projects! Love the snow :)

  8. I love puff-pillow snow hats atop tree branches and berry clusters. Some of my favourite winter scenes.

    Loved your photos and getting a glimpse of what's capturing your imagination these days.

    I hear we're in for more of the white stuff tonight.

    Sleep tight...

  9. Though summer is my favorite season, there is something so peaceful and calm about winter days with a fresh snow fall. I am looking foreword to it....

  10. Your picture is beautiful,,but the snow can wait!!Hugs Bambi


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