Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Saturday is my busy with errands day, shopping for groceries and other necessities, with a can't be missed visit to the library to round things out.  The day was so beautiful -  lovely, warm temperatures  by midday, with leaves taking on their autumn finery.  Knowing just how quickly those leaves fall, I headed out with my camera just before sunset, for a walk in the park.

The light this time of day is perfect for capturing the colours of those leaves

and for a bit of quilt photography.  Although I shared my Maple Medley quilt earlier this year, I only had indoor shots, which don't even compare. ;o)

I truly love this season for its blue skies and rich colours. 

I also love how a simple walk in the park is so refreshing and inspiring.  Exactly what I needed!  I'm going to soak in as much of this season as possible.  Wishing you a glorious weekend, too!


  1. Hi Katherine! Looks amazing place! I'm dreaming how I walk there my dogs running around. Your quilt is gorgeus and the photos in the autumn nature so beautiful! x Teje

  2. What a glorious part of the world you live Katherine! Your park looks amazing! As does your quilt! I am on vacation and some beautiful Spring weather is on the cards! Yippee! I'm going to get out and enjoy it too!

  3. A delightful stroll. Thanks for taking us along and showing off your beautiful park. Just love your quilt! What a perfect photo opportunity to showcase the maple leaves!

  4. I must have missed your Maple Medley Katherine - the feeling of swirling falling leaves is fabulous and I love the colours. So envious of your fall weather - my favourite season and I miss it so so much. Hope you are well and have a wonderful Sunday :)

  5. What a beautiful place to take a walk. I like your new watermark you have on your pictures too.

  6. Your outdoor photos of the quilt (and scenery) are beautiful. And I just wanted to add that I love your changing header.

  7. Oh the photos of the leaf quilt are so pretty! I hope that this lovely fall weather lasts a long time for you and you get to take many of those kinds of walks in the coming weeks! Our trees here in Nebraska are still green but the corn has turned that yellow it gets just before they harvest it.

  8. I'm speachless! Outlook of Words!
    Fantastic Nature and Photos!
    The last one is glorious!!
    Kram Maja

  9. Beautiful.... wasn't it the most gorgeous weekend! Enjoyed the stroll with you.


  10. It's definitely Maple Medley season - 2 days ago I had the furnace on for a few minutes (came downstairs and it was 64F in the house), but later in the day I was tempted to turn on the a/c because it heated up quite a bit, lol. Welcome to fall in Canada!

  11. Thanks for sharing the photos. This is my favourite time of year and I never get tired of seeing the changing leaves. You're right, taking a photo of a quilt outdoors is better.

  12. Thanks for sharing photos of your part of the world. Living in the tropics autumn (fall) is one season I really miss.

    The setting is the perfect showcase for your beautiful quilt too.


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