Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The month that was

August flew past and the funny thing is, I look around and I don't feel as if I accomplished much.  Maybe that's because other than the canning I've been doing, all the sewing last month was for gift giving.  I do love making and giving handmade gifts, but am ready to get back to work on the many other projects that need completing (ahem, such as that crazy, long as my arm, list of patterns that I should be writing...;o). Before I settle in to finishing prototypes and such, how about a quick pictorial review of August's sewing?

Looking back over the past month via pictures, I realize I did keep busy and I had a lot of fun. :o)

Here's the round-up...

Bucket hats from Oliver + SSwirling Star Blocks; Sugar & Spice ruffle skirts from Pink Fig Designs;  Hair Accessories (headband and crochet flower hair elastic); Velvet and sequin drawstring pouch;  Ruffle skirts close-up; Nautical label on soon to be revealed gift (and one of the patterns I need to get written up... ;o)


  1. You got a lot done! What did you can?

  2. You have been very busy. I love everything, especially the hats.

  3. I love the jealous of all you've accomplished...I don't have much of anything to show for August...or July for that matter :o)


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