Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Smitten Mitten Felt Tags

Looking for another easy gift tag idea using repurposed wool? How about a sweet mitten tag?
The felt used in this tag was once a sweater.  Fulled wool is a wonderful material for crafting!

My second tag is the same design as the first mitten, I just added different details for finishing each.  Both have fulled wool sweaters as their base and I used iron on fusible web for attaching quilting cotton fabric scraps to the wool.
I fused small white ovals of quilting cotton to the backs of my tags for writing the recipients name, but you could easily stitch the name on the tag front, if you wanted to.

These simple tags could also be ornaments, if you prefer and very easy to make.  Nothing quite as personal or unique as adding a little handmade to the holidays!


  1. What adorable mitten tags, Katherine.

  2. I LOVE your gift tags! These would most likely outshine the actual gift I was giving! LOL :)


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