Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sewcial Bee Sampler - Week #8

The Sewcial Bee Sampler sew along, hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell is moving right along!   Clay's Choice is the block for this week (for the free download to make this block, visit Maureen's or Sharon's blog).
Block #8 - Clay's Choice

My version is made from my scraps, just like all the previous blocks I have sewn for the sew along.  I decided to have a little extra fun by altering the given block design. Four of the half square triangles units, have each been changed into half a flying goose unit. This change eliminates some seams and allows the opportunity to use some strips of low volume fabrics from my scrap bins, rather than just squares. If you're counting, I've used 13 (+ four more for the border strips) low volume fabrics for my scrappy background - not the most used in one of my versions of the sew along blocks, but the least, either.  Love being able to sew from my scraps to make my blocks!

The blocks are starting to add up!  A total of 25 blocks to sew before combining them into a quilt, so we're only about a quarter of the way there.  That means more scrappy sewing to enjoy!


  1. The awesome continues! The fabric you used on the bottom border for this block inspired me to make a whole quilt. Check it out:

  2. More quilt block beauty! The design on this one looks a little small compared to the others, but I like it there next to the others. I'm loving watching this quilt come together.

  3. Even though all these blocks are quite different, they all play so nicely together, thanks to your skilful use of colour and low volume fabrics! I may have asked this before, so apologies in advance, but are these 12.5" blocks Katherine? I'm figuring they are if you are making a 5X5 arrangement.


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